Sunday, October 21, 2012

sunday on our homestead

Oh how I love a fall day on our little homestead!

We cleaned out the chicken houses today,
which is sweet relief to the very pit of my soul, I tell ya.
I love me a good-smelling hen house.

No worries that I stepped on a wickedly rusty nail while out at the old barn.
No worries!
I'm all up on my tetanus (I'm fairly certain.)
I squealed and carried on like a little fat pig...but no one was around,
so I gave up on that.
And as wonderful as K-Man is, he loves him a tough woman, so squealing
wouldn't do a whole lot of good anyway.

Fresh straw for the chickens!
I love fresh straw for the chickens!
It makes my heart so happy.

And we are free-ranging it today.
Chicken in the woods...such a joy.
(Lest a coyote come and snatch that sucker right up.)

My dearest K-Man!!!!

My sweetie-girl, Lucy!!!
And Dino, the obsessively-affectionate kitty cat.

My decorative hedge apples.
I am way cool.
We know that already though.

My little red hen house.
And my pitiful little yellow flowers that I planted WAY BACK in the spring...
but are just now blooming.

Zeke lusting after kitty-cat lunch.

Hens enjoying some zucchini!

And here's Dorothy!
Or Leonard.
I can't tell them apart, except for when Leonard crows.

Big Rooster!
(I don't have a name for him.  Your suggestions are appreciated.)


Yellow flowers in wash-tub.

Another glorious Sunday on our homestead.

I am so very thankful!


Jean said...

Thank you for sharing with us a glorious Sunday on your homestead!!

We are loving the fall too!! Glorious is exactly the right word!!

Love your pics!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you couldn't have 3 roosters. Then you could name them...

Cocka doodle and Doo. LOL Sorry. It's late and I blame the virus I'm fighting. I cracked myself up.

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