Friday, July 27, 2012

my easy meals

Well, okie dokie!

Since there was such a vast
response asking me for my full list of 11 Easy Meals
(I believe it was...two of you),
here you go!

(Remember, I said they were EASY,
keep your expectations low.)

Sloppy Joe's
(homemade...not from a can.)

(self-explanatory, yes?)

Cold Sandwiches
(Get creative, people. Hoagies are a fav around here.)

Grilled Sandwiches
(Ham, cheese & mayo on wheat bread,
grilled on a buttered skillet.)

(Homemade crust, it's easy. Really. And cheap.)
(Get creative with toppings
and make your family call you by
your Italian name, Sal.)

Meatball Sandwiches
(Homemade meatballs are the bomb...
but I often buy frozen to have plenty on-hand.)
(Reintroduce Sal to your family)

Hamburger Helper
(Homemade, of course.  I am a respectable
homemaker, you know).
(I will give you the recipe later, promise)

Chili Dogs
(Don't use chili from a can or I may
have to come to your house and make chili
for you.  Wait...that may come
back to bite me.)


Taco Salad
(I have no idea what to say about that.
It is what it is.)

Chicken Fried Rice
(For the Asians in your life) 

As I think of more,
I will share them.

And if you have any super easy ideas
of your own,
do share, please!
Maybe I'll work up a big ol' blog post
with all of our ideas!

Then we will be super-heroes.

Oh and one homemaking peril I must share with you.
We are completely out of milk,
except FIVE gallons that are frozen solid in the freezer.
I have a teen boy who will be waking up soon.
In my panic,
I mixed some half & half and water.
He'll never know.

(If you happen to be driving by my house soon,
bring thawed milk, please.) 


Love for Lilly Yin said...

I use canned chili, do you need my address? I don't know how to make it!
And you can freeze milk? Tell more!

Desiree' said...

here is a super easy asian recipe we use~ Kids love it and ask for seconds...which we didn't have :(

plus, this site has tons of easy crock pot cooking...easy!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

I remember freezing milk on camping trips as a kid, and getting those little ice crystals in the cereal. Can you tell it's been frozen, when fully thawed?

Our 1x week easy meal....Aldi shells and cheese (4 boxes for us) with 1lb burger meat mixed in, and frozen green beans=)

ourchinagirls said...

I am SO excited about this post! Being the Mom to five..soon to be SIX..darlin' daughters from China I need to find recipes that I can double and triple to feed my crew!

Hamburger Helper..I actually have to use 3 pounds of meat and 3 packages of HH to control the brood! And then they still have room for dessert! husband makes the best!!

Taco Soup..I have a great recipe that I can share..I double the recipe and it fills our 6 quart yummy on a cold day!!

Bring on the recipes!!

jen said...

Ha! Sounds like my "meal plan." I tend to label the meals by nationality. That way I don't get on a "Mexican" kick and make my family sick of it. I'll do something like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Americano, Indian, Leftovers, and You're on Your Own. Oh, and Breakfast. Homemade pizza every Friday... the only day that we all know what to expect. I'm best at bargain improv. : )

Chris said...

you have the breakfast for supper ban, but I have a crockpot of breakfast casserole waiting to start early tomorrow AM...for church fellowship meal. will see how it works (you can use left over hot dog rolls)
I need the recipe version of hamburger helper. And I need to introduce my brood to tacos, ya gotta buy those shells don't you?

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