Friday, July 27, 2012

how to freeze milk

Does anyone remember the episode of, 
King of the Hill,
where Peggy gets a job at the local newspaper
as a columnist,
writing her musings and household hints?

I'm pretending to be Peggy.

(The resemblance is uncanny, right?)

I feel as though I'm loaded with handy hints
for you all this week!

Well, one.

Freezing milk.
Oh, yes you can.

We go through one gallon of milk a day.
Did you hear me?
I said, (did you hear me??)
One gallon of milk, every freaking day.

And this old gal must load up.
Cause I ain't runnin' to the sto every few days.
Ain't gonna do it.
(Who stole my proper grammar, who?)

I buy about six+ or so gallons at at a time.
Put a few in the various refrigerators...
and stick the rest in the deep freeze.

Then I thaw them out.

Here's an exciting picture of that very activity:
Quick, gather the family!

Don't you dare call the food-safety police on me.
I'm sure my methods
are far from Health Department approved, but whatever.

This works for us.
And has for YEARS.
And years and years and years.

It takes about 12+ hours to thaw out a gallon or two.
I sometimes fill the sink up with cool water
when I need a quick thaw.
And by quick, I mean...eight hours or so.

I refuse,
to run to the store every few days.
this method is what works for us.

Don't freak out by how your gallon
has a bright yellow tinge to it when you pull
it out of the freezer.
That's just the milk fat.
Me loves me some milk fat.
After it thaws, it all goes back into place
and will behave appropriately.
I promise.
Give 'er a shake, if it makes you feel better.

Beware that there are often milk-icebergs.
No harm done.
But it drives my big boys crazy.
Though, they have lived quite nicely through it,
thus far.
It is building character in them as we speak.

And that's all I have to say about that.
Don't come running to me if you get salmonella or 
anything of the like.

This works for us.

Amen, and amen.

Peggy Hill


David and Janet Hurley said...

Than you Peggy. I was concerned they might bust, those jugs are very full, with little room for expansion.
I remember the gallon-a-day times, with teens. Now 1 lasts a week, used only for cereal, anyghing else we use soy milk with (all these Asian tummies-ya know)

Jean said...

We go thru at least a gallon a day and a loaf of bread!

So- where do you have your freezer? garage? Downstairs?
Thinking we need one pretty soon! Love the idea of freezing the milk!
Does it really take 12 hours?? In the frig or on the counter?
YES... you are going to have to email me the answers!

Hope to wake up to the email!! Always LOVE hearing from you!!

connie said...

Really, I didn't know you could freeze milk! Wow, that would've saved so much heartache when Kuyler alone could go through a gallon a day! Ok, I'm going to Aldi today to stock up and freeze milk!!!! Yes, I am a superhero! And did I miss your chili recipe or must I still open a can?!?

Annie said...

I gathered the family, excitedly around that photo of the thawing milk, it was an extraordinary experience.

But actually, great idea! We go through tons o' milk around here too! I will try it! xoxox

Debby said...

My mom always did that when we were growing up. I have to shake it though because it does tend to separate once it freezes....

LOL... I thought everyone froze milk.......

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