Sunday, April 8, 2012

the resurrection changes EVERYTHING!

Our Easter weekend kicked off with me making a bunch of bread slices
to sell at our church coffee bar.
But I don't want to talk about this any further because I
wasn't all that happy with the results of my baking efforts.
But I do think my hair looks good.

Easter egg hunt underway.
Now where are those pesky eggs?

Why I can't find any eggs.
Seriously, what's everyone laughing at?
I have eggs to find, you know.

Lots and lots of egg hunting.

Adorable Macy

Challah Bread.
Isn't it lovely?

My great nephew Brennan, my nephew Patrick, and Isaiah.

Do you all remember about a year ago when I heartbreakingly
I am happy to tell you that GOD is working such good, despite that horrible tragedy.
He has restored a marriage.
And He has welcomed home a prodigal son.
I weep with JOY at what God is doing.
It is nothing short of amazing.

K-man and Patrick

A game of Easter HORSE.





Brenden and me.
My first little treasure!

Serious business going on in the dirt.


Nick and Patrick.
I love these two so much!

Don't you think K-man's new beard looks so manly?
I love it.
He is the love of my life.
And he adores me beyond words.
And shows it every single day.
I have no idea why.
I know I drive him nutty most of the time!

The family.

Somebody really should help me break loose
from being so camera-shy.

Oh and I need to mention that I did NOT get any good
pics of my amazing brother-in-law, Kenny.
Darn it all!
He is such a fun guy
and made some dang-good baked mac-and-cheese
for our Easter dinner.
Love you, Kenny!

I truly hope your Resurrection Sunday was gloriously blessed.

the Resurrection changes EVERYTHING.

Jesus loves you more than you will every know.


Rachel said...

Beautiful family, beautiful challah.
Happy Easter!!!

patty said...

Love this! And girl, you are lookin' good. And I'm jealous. LOL So happy for happy days! :)

Cari said...

I was thinkin' the same're hair does look good! :) Happy Easter!! Looks like you all had a fun day.

Debby said...

I clearly missed a lot of important goings ons over here last week. Although, I did read the article & immediately thought of your family & that you must have been affected & touched by it in some way.

You are always in our prayers. Your children are precious & those stories are terrible.

I'm glad you had everyone gathered around, close & loved for Easter.

Joanne Reddell said...

Wonderful pictures of your beautiful family!!!

Kathy said...

Great pictures!
You look great!
Thanks for sharing what God
is doing in Patricks life!! That
is just awesome!

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