Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I need your opinion

I am in a huge hurry right now but
I simply must take a few minutes to chat with you all real quick.

Something really big is weighing on my mind.

A decision I've been struggling with.

A quandary.

A dilemma.

A life-changing turn that I am considering.

I inquired about it with a couple of my close friends
last night, via text.

I trust their opinions and wisdom.
Though I'm not sure why.

And they SHARPLY disagreed with what I'm leaning towards.
They both graciously told
me that I was crazy for even considering such a thing.

Yet, my real life friend Teresa was all for it.

I'm all confused.

So let me ask YOU.

Should I or should I not...

let my gray hair grow out??


Just seeing that all typed out makes my armpits sweat.

Let me just remind you of a couple of things
before you answer.

1. I have a 5-year old.

2. I have a 6-year old.

3. I am 75% gray (on the top)

4. I don't want to look older, tireder, and more worn
out than I feel.
Which is a lot, so I've got some room there.

4. I am also considering highlights & letting it all
just blend together.

5. I am also considering leaving it as is.

6. I am also considering a decorative bucket.



Karin said...

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR--no gray. :)

Carol said...

I have to agree with Karin.

Stacy said...

COLOR IT...you are a stylist and you know how a new do and color can lift a person's spirits...what would you tell your client??? hmmm I thought so....

Anonymous said...

Some women are able to pull off "Gray with Attitude" and look as young if not younger than their peers. When I see someone like that, I'm impressed.

On the other hand, with different fingers, the women who don't touch up their roots often enough make me think, lady, give it up, who are you trying to kid? Not that you would neglect your roots, but, I have always thought that's the worst of both worlds, dyed hair with gray roots showing!

There is a toxic load to your body from being exposed to the fumes and chemicals during and after the actual dyeing and obviously that would be avoided if you allowed your gray to sparkle. Not to mention sparing yourself the expense and the time and hassle involved.

My own dad has beautiful silver hair, not gray, not white, but silver. I hope I take after him and have that too. I stopped getting my hair dyed and foil wrapped last fall, got it cut real short, and am now almost all the way gray. I get compliments on my hair and have no regrets.

You are a cutie and would be able to pull it off.

Sharon Sharon

Cari said...

if you can pull it off like Emmylou Harris, then i say for it. I couldn't so I will always go for the vain route like Elizabeth Taylor. Just my 2 cents. :)

Anonymous said...

Lori, I love your colored hair. My
opinion comes from growing up with elderly parents who had a change of life baby. I was always concerned when people would make comments about "your grandparents" to my 6yr old brother. As a child it is difficult to see your parents as older. Just my 2 cts.
mm, vancouver,wa.`

Tesseraemum said...

This is just super wierd...
Not the question!!
I just had my rather long scraggly mountain woman hair cut off short and it has a ton of gray! I too have a 6 year old and I don't like to think of myself as old but I have had alot of compliments! It may just be because the way it was before was just so awful but I can delude myself....
Anyway, Your skin color is so pretty I think you can pull if off! I've had people think I did it on purpose. So if you just let it go naturally it may just look like expensive hightlights!!
My dad (who is the reason I have my gray hairs, genetics, not his behavior!) says I should color it and so does my vain 11 yr old.
I can't bring myself to do it since it will mean keeping up with it and I'm so not gonna do that! I love this short hair! Most of the time I don't even brush when I get out of the shower!
I'll post a picture on facebook of mine (after I have it shaped up). Do you have any appts available?!

Anonymous said...

Ok....i have no opinion myself because i am wondering the same thing for my own hair. I'm your age, my kids are similar ages (including a 5 year old). SOOOO....i'll be checking back in and just do what you do!! :))

Desiree' said...

my hair~ it's about 60% grey and I don't even know what the natural color is anymore....I am letting it grow out~ I want that distinguished confident lady look...It's worth a try, right? I dare you!! LOL we'll document together~

Mom2Six said...

Like a famous song says: Let it grow! Let it grow! Let it grow!

Who has time to color/highlight hair when you have so many kids!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

First-time commenter. Definitely go gray. Might want to frost it to help with the transition. Then go shorter. Long gray hair is the pits!

Debby said...

I love my hair longer. It had quite a bit of gray coming in, especially at the temples. I recently colored it back towards a natural color & I LOVE it. Not only do I look younger, but I feel so much better with it back to my more natural color...& the gray covered up!
Color it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Color it !!! Without a second of hesitation. I have an 8 year old and I am by far the oldest parent of her classmates and friends and do not want her to be embarrassed. my 2 cents

Holly said...

That depends. Will it enhance or clash with your "island" look?

Anonymous said...

Keep the color going!

Nancy said...


Trish said...

It's hair, let it grow out, if you don't like it change it back, color it, that's the beauty of life.

Holly said...

I think the big question is why are you considering letting your natural hair shine through? Are you worried about the chemicals and their effect on your body? That is a very valid concern. You are you and thus you will look beautiful regardless. I actually usually lean towards natural beauty but I am blonde and if I have gray hairs I can't see them yet. I am hoping they will turn WHITE! I think that would be super cool :) What does your hubby think?

Chris said...

Sounds like they are half and half. I guess it falls in the...do you like to color your hair? Do you enjoy spending the time? They tell me there are toxins involved..so consider that.
You are a confident lady...I think you could carry off any color. You can always go back to color again, can't you.

Nicole A. said...

Well, the bucket would be neat, but probably a little hot in warmer weather. ;)

The great thing is you can let your hair grow out a little, see if you like it all grey, then change it right away if you choose.

BTW, now that I have been 40 for an entire week (!), I realize that I must finally color my hair ~ noticeable grey in my otherwise very dark uni-color brown.

What brand do you recommend for a newbie like me? (I have helped friends dye their hair back in college, but never done my own.)

Thanks! Good luck with your decision!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Joanne Reddell said...

DO IT!! GROW IT OUT!!!! That's what I've been doing since Dec 2010. Unlike many of your commenters, I'm not willing to cut my hair short to grow it out faster. I think I have about 3-4 inches to go. And so far I think I'm liking the silvery hair I see. (I have had total strangers compliment me on my hair!!!) I decided that if I didn't like my natural color then I could always go back to the monthly hair appts to put highlights in.

There's my 2 cents for ya!!

Jean said...

Let me help you!


It's just not you and NOT now!

Maybe later, just not now and YES, I feel strongly about it!

Well... kinda! As strongly as I can feel about it!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I know I don't comment often anymore but.....DO IT. Just do it Lori!!! You can always color it back later if you don't like it! This situation might not sound similar to you, but my issue lately is giving up makeup....at first, it's a shock and I felt so ugly! But only for a tiny bit. Now I'm more confident going natural and it's so much CHEAPER. Maybe it would be the same with you :) You only live once! Try it out!

P.S. I don't know why you asked your fellow bloggers because you know you're not going to get one conclusive answer haha

Bethany said...

My two cents: gray hair is beautiful! A few of my friends (who have preschool age kids) have gray hair and it's gorgeous. One has it long and still wears ponytails (it looks fabulous), the other likes to keep her hair short. I can't wait to see what you do!

David and Janet Hurley said...

You are just too cute, and could pull it off, but as I am looking at you: in the car with the bread picture--I just can't picture you gray.
DH suggested the gray thing to me the other day---I was shocked. All I wanted him to comment on was to cut or not to cut=)
Ya know my kids range from 6-20, and I just can't imagine either of us being gray. I am still in shock when I walk by a mirror, that the woman looking at me is not still 25!

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