Thursday, April 5, 2012

laundry soap video

1 Bar of Fels-Naptha Soap, grated
2 Cups Borax
2 Cups Washing Soda
1 Cup Baking Soda
(You can also add 1 cup Oxyclean for extra stain-fighting)

(Everything above can be found at the Walmarts in the laundry aisle!)

Mix all up in a large container.

Thanks, Connie!

Homemade laundry detergent, on the CHEAP.

For a front-loading machine, use 1/8 cup
of your magical formula.

Speaking of front-loading washing machines,
I loathe mine.

And if one day it happens to accidentally get pushed down
the stairs by my size 7 foot, be it.

All the money I'll be savin' on detergent will
be a nice little stash for a brand new top-loading machine.


Oh the grand dreams I dream.

Let me know if you try the laundry soap.
Or if you are already wise to it!

And let me know if you lack warm and fuzzy feelings
for your front-loader.

Love you guys!


Joy said...

Why don't you like the front load machine? Does it not clean as well? We have one and I haven't noticed much of a difference, other than I like not having the agitator for bed pad corner elastic thingys to get caught on. Cause I wash those every day ya know... :-)

Our vet's wife told me once that she uses Dr. Bronner's and baking soda for the wash. I tried it and worked well, BUT it turned out way more expensive than using regular laundry soap. Right now I use Ecos Plus from sam's. I might try to mix up something homemade one of these days.

Angie said...

I actually love my front does my littlest dare devil that tries to hide there! I've made my own laundry soap for a few years now, but don't put the baking soda in it? Why do you use that in there? Am I missing something??

Jennifer said...

Oooh! I want to make my own laundry detergent!! I've been meaning to for FOREVER!!! Need to get that done before our two little ones come home! :)

PlainJane said...

I like my front load machine just fine. Caution on the homemade soap - rumor has it that it can nullify the warranty o n the washing machine since its not made specifically for the machine. Someone will care to know this... I used this exact soap for two times making a batch. I had to grate the fells naphtha in the food processor to get it fine enough to dissolve in the front load. In the end I liked it okay but went back to arm and hammer foe front load because I loved the smel so much. Acrually no good laundry smell turnedme of to the home made stuff. The theory of home made was a lot better for me than the reality.

PlainJane said...

I don't like typing on the iPad... It makes it look like I can't type OR spell correctly - both of which are pet peeves of mine. Ps, this is Sally

Holly said...

I always wanted to try the liquid version...have you seen that? But I was afraid to use it on our new, fancy TOP LOADING washer. :) (I wanted a top loader because I am too lazy to bend over so much, and when you throw clothes in there, sometimes they like to fall out. At least that's what happens with my front loading dryer.)

Patty said...

Girl, I'm with you on the front loader. Hate the squatting down to get everything in and out. Plus, I feel like it doesn't really clean as well.....I like having all the water in there swishing around the clothes. The only good thing about it is that my little ones can do laundry....which they love to. So, they load and unload the laundry fairly often around here!

Chrissy said...

Where did you find Borax? I went up and down every cleaning aisle at Wmart yesterday but it was not there. I need it to try to kill some nasty, vining weeds in my yard. It's a home remedy from the lady next door.

Chrissy said...

Angie, I think the soda helps with stinky laundry smell. You might need it with all those boys!! I can just see him crawling into the washer too.

Sally-Girl! said...

I loathed mine too and now have a top loader that I loathe even more. It is the Whirlpool Cabrio with no agitator but it surely agitates me when clothes get all wrung up together an not clean. It is awful. It is only three years old. I can't wait for it to blow up!!!

This is the same recipe I use. I put my fels in the food processor works like a charm!

Homemade laundry detergent is not for those who love the perfumey detergent smell, which translates to more chemicals to me so I prefer to make my own!

Loren said...

It's a good thing you don't live in the UK because ALL the washing machines here are front loaders. They work just fine but they're smaller than they are in the USA... actually, everything here is smaller.

Janet and Kevin said...

I like your laundry soap idea. Is it good for sensitive skin?

Just wondering,

janet and gang

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