Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day to you, friends!

I thought I'd kick this V-Day post off with Brenden's
Facebook post from yesterday...

Valentines day is tomorrow?? Crap, I forgot to get a girlfriend, again.


Yesterday afternoon Nick walked in from
school with a beautiful rose for

Take your eyes off my messy kitchen.

And last Friday,
Eli came home from school with a box of chocolates for

And tonight K-man is taking me to dinner!
He made reservations and everything.

Love is in the air!

And you thought I was anti-Valentine's Day
because the men in my life don't
give me gifts.



Not at all.

Alright, people...go out there and
love on your loved-ones!


Patty said...

I see there are no comments on this. We are all speechless. You got yourself some nice guys around that house of yours!

Debby said...

Wonderful. You deserve every bit of it. Happy Valentine's Day

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