Monday, February 13, 2012

left-overs {what to do?}

I'd really love to know your

Do you:

1. Eat left-overs strictly as lunches?

2. Eat left-overs as dinner?

3. Do you run out of the house screaming at the
very thought of pulling the tupperware filled with last month's
now green fuzzy entree?

This really is my fridge.
Don't judge.

We tend to eat left overs for lunches,
AND for every-man-for-himself-dinners on Sunday nights.

But I must say,
there are weekday nights when we truly could feast for days off
of previously prepared portions.

My family would consider that a ridiculous idea.

To which I think THEY are ridiculous.

share with me your historical meal habits.


Nicole A. said...

Leftovers for lunches are the norm here ~ that's all that my hubby and one son will eat for lunch (they are anti-sandwich, in general, and prefer more meal-like lunches).

Some weeks we have "smorgasboard night" ~ which is my fancy term for "here are all the leftovers, heated up, and on the table for dinner ... come and get it ... first come, first served". Gave it a fancy name to make it sound more enticing. :)

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Lori said...

Nicole A., I am in LOVE with your "smorgasbord night"!!

What a great way to spin the reality of boring left-overs.

I am SO doing this.

Debby said...

There's usually no one but me at my house for lunch, so left overs usually get eaten as a warmed up dinner. Sadly, if we eat it more than 3 times, it usually gets thrown away.

Susan A said...

I live by myself and I usually cook enough just for one, and if there's leftovers, they're my dinner for next night :) or in the bin (there's not a lot left over though).

Lacy said...

My family hates left overs. They just won't eat them. They are so hard to work for with!

Anonymous said...

We always eat Pb&J for Sunday's dinner.

ronvic7 said...

I have the ANSWER for you. Adopt more teen boys. Never a leftover to be found in MY house. Not kidding, girlfriend.
You can do it:)

Chris said...

Well, if it is rice, it isn't considered leftover unless it is growing whiskers. The kids take it to school in their lunches. I do a smorgasboard type thing too on the weekend. If the fridge is full they gotta eat out of it.
Some people make soup...can be a little tricky.
An I do try to either make sure there is enough for a 2nd meal or only enough for tonite.

Gotta come back and read other people's ideas.

Anonymous said...

Re: carry-out boxes taken home with what was not eaten at a restaurant ... the armored car driver who picked up the deposit at the store I worked at a few years back said when his wife puts that in the fridge, she has 24 hours to eat it, after that, it's fair game and usually he polishes it off. Sorry if that's off topic.

As for leftovers, I love to eat them for BREAKFAST. As a 50-something lady, for me, eating protein is necessary in the morning, I literally cannot function without it. Due to my work schedule, I'm often rushing in the a.m., and when I look in the fridge, guess what's sitting there just waiting to be eaten? Yep, leftovers.

After a couple days, I put what's not gone yet into gallon-size twist tie baggies and freeze it. I dislike using quart-sized bags because it's cumbersome and messy, and as long as I'm using the much-less-expensive twist tie baggies, it doesn't cost more to use the bigger size.

Then the only problem is looking in there and trying to recognize what's what.

Everyone in my fam loves leftovers. And since I'm the only one who cooks regularly, they'd rather eat my homecooking a day or two later than scrounging around for boxed food or frozen dinners.

Sharon in the Southwest

Robin said...

We definitely eat leftovers, in fact, I'll often cook extra for "planned-overs". Sometimes they get eaten for lunch (I work from home) but just as often for dinner. While I do love to cook I don't necessarily love to cook every single night, especially if it's late, we're exhausted, lots of running around to do, etc. Those leftovers can be a real lifesaver some nights. Plus, things like stews and pot roast actually improve a bit if you let them sit for a day or two :).

Joanna said...

We typically have enough leftovers for my husband's lunch the next day--fortunately, he's perfectly willing to take them to work and eat them! If we have more than that, the kids and/or I will usually work on them at lunchtime. On rare occasions we have a night where we eat the variety of leftovers for another dinner, but usually we don't have enough for that.

Matilda Joyce said...

I live alone, so leftovers go into single serving containers and popped into the freezer for a future meal.

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