Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my gift to you!!

In honor of Valentine's Day,
I'm giving away a
Starbucks gift card!

All you gotta do is leave a comment telling me
what your plans are for this over-hyped "holiday"!

*If you leave an anonymous comment,
you MUST give me your email address,
otherwise I have no way of knowing who the
winner is.
Got it?


Liz Tolsma said...

Let's see: I have to make sure the kids get their homework done, fold the rest of the laundry, take my youngest to hippotherapy, fight traffic on the way home, make dinner (lasagna), clean up dinner, clean out that gross and smelly refrigerator, get everything ready for tomorrow morning, get children to bed, fall into bed myself. How romantic ;)

Anonymous said...

Lets seeeee. For valentines Day we bought each other paint for our house. The previous homeowner has TERRIBLE taste. I'm happy to report our living room no longer is the color of flesh :)
Our plans for tonight? Going to bed at 7 with our books to read. We lead exciting lives ;)


Matilda Joyce said...

Finishing a paper (I'm in grad school) and getting my hair done.

Tesseraemum said...

Let's see, We had a kindergarten conference last night so we went to the local mexican restaurant childless! (We told the kindergartener that we had spent the entire time with her teacher and boy was she in trouble! Does that make me a bad mom?! How about the fact that she called my cell phone 3 times and I didn't answer it? Don't judge, the older kids know to leave a message if there is an actual crisis!)
Tonight we will probably eat leftovers, watch the Duggars and go to bed EARLY! Sheri

Rachel said...

ooooh girl, you're speaking my love language -coffee!!!
we started off the day w/ red velvet pancakes(made w/ your wonderful vanilla, I might add), and I'll make a family dinner tonight -shrimp & grits!! The best part of my day so far? Gracie asking me @ breakfast to be her "bawentine"! :)

Love for Lilly Yin said...

I am so boring....here goes.
Actually I forgot it was Valentines Day, which is a really bad Mommy moment. Luckily my husband remembered, and stopped by Walmart to get some goodies for the kids (and me)I ate chocolate for breakfast, LOL, so did the kids, again, bad mommy moment.
SO after that, I did decide to pretend I had all this planned out, and I am taken the kids on a special outing to the museum.
After that, I have nothing....hubby has to work tonight, so maybe I will throw something creative together for the little kids, like heart pancakes or something....
yeah, I pretty much have nothing together today.....oh well. Happy though to spend the day with my little lovies.

Kristi said...

I did have super exciting plans - a couples massage (with chocolate covered strawberries & champaign), mani/pedi, romantic dinner with the hubs. Then I woke up - my night will be spent hauling the kids to gymnastics & cheer and when we finally get home, we will have a lovely crock-pot prepared chicken. I did, however receive an AH-MAZING gift though. Our waiting little just turned 2 & sending a cake provided us with 16 pics of her sweetness! Praise God for Ann of redthreadchina!

Renee said...

Over-hyped indeed! However, my man and I have do have a 6 o'clock reservation. At the dentist's office, complete with cleanings and filling repairs for two. Very romantic. It should be the least crowded place around tonight. Then we'll come home and spice things up with a dinner of crock pot chili. That is if either of us have any feeling returned to our mouths by then.

Long time lurker, but I must ask what are YOUR plans for this day?


zuzu22@aol dot com

Tori Dagg said...

Hi Ms. Lori!
I believe you are aware of my Valentine's Day plans, but I'm too excited to pass up the opportunity to tell more people!
Every year for V Day, my daddy has taken me out for dinner and treated me like a princess. It is one of my favourite days of the year, I love any time I get to spend with him. Last year was bittersweet, however, because we knew that I would be 1,000 miles away at Evangel University for a few years and then starting my adult life who knows where... we thought it may be our last Valentine's Day date.
This year, I got a pleasant surprise! My daddy is coming here, to Springfield, MO, to meet my friends, see my life here, and then take me out to dinner as has always been tradition!
I know that it's not the most common Valentine's Day celebration and most girls my age don't usually imagine spending what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year with their dad... but I could not be more excited. My dad is my best friend and there's no one I'd rather be with today!

Angie said...

Well, if I can shake this bug, my hubby is taking me out for sushi. We even found a sitter! :)

Ann Marie said...

The usual homeschooling mom stuff--with a few extra treats for my kiddos.

Alison said...

Eating my mother's delicious shrimp & grits!!! :)


It started out with making heart shaped pancakes for my family and bacon of course...Then I helped out with some homeschooling. Chased the 4yr old identical twin girls that i'm watching, rescued them from the bunk bed they managed to squeeze into, Asked who was who. Thankfully they know who they are:) Clean the house.Make lunch. Do errands and tonight I'm going on a date with my handsome boyfriend!! Thats my day for you! hope your valentines day is special!

Vicky said...

Today, I left work and ate lunch at my grandsons school with him. It was a lunch for mothers. His mom checked out so I'm the next best thing!

I'm going by the daycare and picking up my other grandson so that I can have a little grandma time!

Of course the kids and grandkids received candy and cards from me!

Happy Valentine's Day! Dinner tonight ... fast food!

Shonni said...

Chocolate!! It’s one of the few days that I can freely INDULGE and feel the love!

Anonymous said...

Cool giveaway, but guess what? I don't like coffee! (In other words, I wouldn't go to starbucks because it isn't one of my favorites)

Nancy said...

I think we should hang it up and give Liz Tolsma the gift card. Sounds like she needs it!

We are baking and decorating heart sugar cookies, having heart shaped pizza, and a small gift or two.

The three giant baskets of laundry needing folding can wait. I need to finish my daughters' Valentine cards.

Chad and Kristy said...

Absolutely nothing:) We do not celebrate fake holidays! However, my kids do not agree with mom and dad's reasoning so I did breakdown and buy some yummy chocholate for each of them:)

Happy Fake Holiday!

Oh, we are going to get our fingerprints on Friday!! Hopefully we can turn that into a little fake holiday dinner date:)

The Gang's Momma! said...

WHY? WHY all the hating?! It's just not right. Valentine's Day is NOT just about Hallmark's rendition of the celebration. It's so full of possibility to be MORE than that. It's, in fact, one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love it so much I even wrote a post about it!


I have a yummy chocolate cherry cake in the oven, I'm on my way out the door to pick up the last stuff for finishing up our yummy steak dinner. We have cards and fun, kooky little gifts for the kids and the best of all??? WE'RE ALL HOME TONITE. A rarity on a weeknight for sure.


I'm on a crusade. Rescue Valentine's Day from the naysayers and the cynics!

RamblingMother said...

Starbucks would be lovely. I am doing nothing for this day.

Cindy said...

Too fun!
After four classroom parties for my littles, we are off the the dentist! Even got some laundry done in between today.
Our oven door is locked shut after I "self-cleaned" it this weekend so for dinner....something from the microwave and stove?!!!
I do have a special dinner/movie date planned for our weekend though w/ my sweet sweet hubby!

Hope your Valentine's Day is special too!

Sandy said...

Hi Lori,
I did the most romantic thing that can be done on Valentine's Day....I had a mammogram! When I made the appt the receptionist even said, "You don't want to do this on Valentine's Day!" What else am I going to do, my hubby worked 12 hrs last night and does the same again tonight?
But I did get flowers, a card and a kiss before he went to bed this morning!
And Rachel- I want that recipe for red velvet pancakes!

Healy Family said...

well I work until 6ish so I will miss dinner with the family. After dinner we're taking the kids to see the Muppet movie at the cheap theater, tonight is dollar night. For a treat today I got to eat the very cute espresso moose that a co-worker's wife left for him to celebrate their 10 year anniversary- he said he was fat and couldn't eat it, so now I am eating it and probably fat as a result. My husband and I exchanged gifts last night while the kids weren't around. It was nice to grab a moment of peace!

Healy Family said...

And I forgot to mention, I will try and take a picture tonight of all the kids together for the annual picture commerating (sp?) the anniversary of the girls joining our family - February 15 marks the day they got off the plane in our town!

Joanna said...

Um...nothing? Fix dinner, fold laundry, maybe watch a movie with the kids. I did get engaged on Valentine's Day, but that has a lot more to do with my husband's romantic streak than mine!

Debby said...

Not a Starbucks lover. I worked, volunteered at a 1st grade party, took the girls to cheer leading practice. We were going to meet up with friends for a pizza party between cheer practice, but the second practice was cxl'd, so my friend decided dinner at home with her hubby was a better deal. HA! Probably was.....
So dinner now? Not sure. Maybe we'll still go & get pizza. Then home for homework & put the kids to bed.
Happy Valentines to All.....Happy Birthday to me!!

The Gang's Momma! said...

My apologies, if my dramatic protestations weren't conveyed accurately in print. I wasn't really calling anyone a "hater" - I was trying to be funny about the comments wherein gals were remarking about the same-ness of the day as being like every other day in the week. My attempts at silly sarcasm fell flat.

Abu and Mommy said...

Ate chocolate while I worked all day, took my kiddo to the allergist for her shot and then had a little sweetheart date together at Friendly's. I'm not a coffee person but Starbucks has the BEST hot chocolate EVER!!! and they will put a shot of raspberry in it if you ask them. Yummy! Even though I'm single, I still celebrate Valentine's Day since it's about love. After all I am loved by Jesus and I love my precious daughter - so LOVE is very important in my book even if it's not the romantic kind.

Bethany said...

Enjoying my kiddos and tonight hanging out as a family. I left the whole family at home for four days for the first time while I took a photography class. Nothing says love like calling off school and snuggling all day with all four of them, steak on the grill, and sweet tea. We keep it simple around here.

Kristi said...

Pink heart pancakes for the littles, three valentine parties, and purple roses for mommy, a great day.

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Quiet dinner at home using the new french fry cutter my man gave me this weekend! Whoo hoo! I surprised him with a beer making kit for Sweet Hearts Day!


Karen said...

Our daughter and I planned a nice meal complete with decorations at our house and invited my inlaws from next door over since we've been talking about being a "servant" like Jesus was. Everything was WONDERFUL and it was my first time making homemade mashed potatoes {I know, gasp!!}. The were oh so fattening and we all indulged! I must confess that I have only been to Starbucks once ever and that was about 8 years ago. So I'd LOVE to win the gift card and give it a second trip!! Ha!

Kari C. said...

I got to volunteer in my kindergartener's room this morning and help at his Valentine's Day party this afternoon. Then we had a yummy dinner together at home. What a great day!

Janet and Kevin said...

We have had a busy day! Philip, Sophia, and I helped the children in Eli's preschool deliver their Valentine cards to each other's boxes. Then, after picking up Eli from preschool, we went home and played in the snow before it melted. We put the finishing touches on our homemade Valentine cards/placemats, and then waited until our big boy, Ted, got home from his job.

It's Ted's 26th birthday today. He opted to going to a Chinese buffet for dinner, and then back home for cherry pie and ice cream. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

Oh yes, and this morning my husband got me a little tiny rose plant with 5 blooms on it. He left a note saying that the 4 blooms represented our children, the other represented Kevin and me, and the buds to come represented all of the children who would find their forever families soon! So sweet.

Hope your day was happy.

janet and gang

P.S. Hope I win! Hee, hee!!

Karen said...

Thanks to our wonderful church providing childcare:-) Hubby and I went out for sushi and a run to Office Depot:-) That was all after heart shaped strawberry muffins for breakfast, heart shaped tortillas with leftover tacos, and rounding off the evening with heart shaped cupcakes for dessert after dinner (for the kiddos).

Mandie said...

We spent the evening together as a family watching Facing the Giants. It was our first time watching it and we loved it.

I so agree that this an over hyped holiday.

Anonymous said...

For today, Valentine's Day, we had to drive a few hours away to attend the memorial services for my college roommate....someone who has been a friend for over forty years. Our Valentine's Day celebration (we had planned to go out for a nice dinner) was stopping at a Subway afte the memorial service...a sad day.
C. Anderson

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