Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the winner!


You won the Valentine's Day
Starbuck's card!!

I'll stick it in the mail to you today, friend!

Oh and if any of you didn't read her comment,
you'll want to go back and do that.
Her Valentine's Day plans were especially special.



Anonymous said...

Yeah Tori!!

Joanne Reddell said...

Well, apparently, my life is waaaaay too busy cuz I'm just reading about your V. Day giveaway today! (Feb 16) I did read Tori's comment on the previous post and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever!!! How wonderful for her and her dad to have such a sweet relationship.

Well I better get back to reading the rest of your posts that I'm behind on seeing. (I leave for Mexico in the morning for 4 that means I'll be super duper buper behind on your blog by the time I get home Monday night.)

Sending you ♥ from Durango!

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