Monday, January 23, 2012

ultra-limited closet {and, dear lolly}

Dear Lolly

Who is Lolly?
Lolly is a combination of me, Lori, and my
perimenopausal personality, Polly.
It's weird, I know.
But Lolly gives good advice, so just sit back and enjoy.

Dear Lolly,
Who will you vote for in the election?

Dear Mom/Gramma,
You really don't want to open this ca
n of worms.
will likely share with great fervor her strong opinions
on this at a later date.
But until then,
let's keep peace around these parts for as long as we can.
Though, I suspect most of you would agree with me/Lolly/Polly.
Cause you're smart that way.

*Please forgive my out-of-control font issues.
It is, out of my control for whatever reason.


Dear Lolly,
I am in need of a new refrigerator..... I really want the French door kind....I had no idea they were like a thousand dollars more than the side by side....what's with that anyway? My hubby doesn't get it... Do I hold my ground on the French door kind or cave in to another side by side??? Also, are you a fan of the ice and water on the door??? Some of these refridgerators are so "fancy" these days!!!!

Mary Kate

Dear Mary Kate,
I have no idea what you mean by French doors on a refrigerator. I'm a simple girl from the heart of the midwest. I do not know of what you speak.
But, here's my infamous (butt-cheek-ridden) fridge...

I love it/hate it. No, I don't hate it at all.
I love it and am so thankful for it!!
But I do deeply resent the stainless steel on a regular basis.
But still, I'm so very thankful.
Keeping it clean is a pain...but it's better now that I have
a good grasp on how to clean it (about 7 years since purchasing it).
I love the freezer on the bottom. Love that so much.

So anyway, Lolly would definitely say that when it comes to major purchases like this,
get what you can AFFORD. Defies the American way, I know.
Although really, what's wrong with just a mini-fridge in your closet?
Wait, what?
I digress.
Get the fridge that best meets the needs of your family and
your budget.
And if it's got some style, then all the better!

That brings me to:

My closet, which, by the way, has a mini fridge in it:

It's a very sad sight, isn't it?
The mess, I mean.
This is the wardrobe of two people.
Husband and me.
All seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall.
So be it.
Truly, I'm very thankful for my teeny tiny closet.
It keeps me in-check with reality.
Or something like that.
But the bigger issue is, in less than a week I'm getting new carpet in this little
area and I need to clear it out. And I am DETERMINED to downsize.
I am working on setting some sort of limit on my clothing items.
10 t-shirts (which I wear ALL the time)
5 pairs of jeans (which I wear ALL the time)
5 nice things for church
And that's all.

Seriously, I would love to simplify that much.
Maybe I will!!

How 'bout you?

Do you have an ultra-limited closet?

Tell me all your closet secrets and wildest closet dreams.




Mary Kate said...

I love your fridge!!! It is a French door model!!!! You sold me, we can afford it, hubby just thinks it's silly they cost more than side by sides.... Thanks for the picture!! Maybe someday can we see the inside???

Mary Kate

Jenn said...

Oh Lori your closet is easily twice as big as mine and it houses two wardrobes as well. mine too is quite the mess, I have a thing about shoes... I really love them. Jackets too, I have filled our hall closet with just jackets for myself, but on to what I really wanted to say- I always trim down my wardrobe after every season and I give away the things I wore only once or twice. I did hear a great tip that said to turn all your hanger backwards at the beginning of the year and as you wear things and out them back away (however long that take..) you turn the hangers the right way. Then you know what you where and what you don't. Oh and if you find it while cleaning out your closet and you forgot you had it, give it to a charity where someone may truly treasure it. Our clothes want to be loved too. Keep up the advice, I love you blog, it brightens my day, thank you!!

Desiree' said...

for some odd reason hubs got the walk in and I got the small little barely can fit a hanger in the thing closet~ something just isn't right about that..maybe I should slowly transfer his things to the itty bitty closet, then act like he's losing it when he asks...but then again he does get up a good hour and a half before I do and turns on his closet lite and it is hidden and he closes the do I want sleep more or a bigger closet? Hmmm, the dilema's we face~ LOL

Anonymous said...

Can I ask more questions on this post, or do I need to leave them at a special place?

Tesseraemum said...

When we moved we got our 1st side by side with ice and h2O on the door. Seriously, after nearly 25 years! I really want the french door model with the freezer on the bottom....This side by side just doesn't have the room my old fashion fridge did!Don't tell my husband...It'll be 25 years before I see one anyway!!

Closets!! The bain of my existance! How about the Duggar's closet?! I tried to do that at our old place. The downstairs bedroom,next to the laundry was the "family" closet. It was a brilliant idea. Except my kids aren't the Duggar's. They rake their clothes onto the floor and walk away... When we moved I cut down my wardrobe significantly and considering I really only wear a few things they seem to have mutliplied on their own. I certainly haven't purchased any new clothes! How does that happen? Sheri

Lori said...

Sure, ask away! Post your questions here in the comment section...or you can email me at


Kristi said...

um, somehow I missed the butt cheek post - can you link it up? we all love a good butt story ;)

Mom/Gramma said...

I didn't know I had a "French door" fridge either! Wow - I'm so fancy! Got mine (almost) brand new on Craigslist though - woohoo! How DO you clean that stainless steel (I've only been trying for 2 years)???

And the (gasp!) political question - I didn't really want an answer. I asked b/c it was a "hot" topic. But you'd lose probably 90% of your readers if you started talking politics - eww!

This is a fun blog - love it! Someday we'll have to actually meet. :D

judy said...

Love your frig , I have the same one ,without the water ..did not want water marks on frig , I knew it would not be fun cleaning the stainless.. in fact just did that
before I read your post today . I would like to know how you clean it , it sure is a pain to keep sparkling :0

Mom2Six said...

When we brought the boys home, we had to move into the 3rd BR and give all 4 boys the Master BR. As a result, I gave up my huge walk-in closet. What I did was, as I wore clothes, I moved them to the closet in our new BR. I realized I was only wearing about 1/4 of what I had in my closet. It took a while, but we finally gave to charity all of the clothes that were still hanging in the MBR closet. So for you, maybe put all your clothes in another location and figure out what you really wear and then give away the rest.

Angie said...

Turn all hangers around...everything gets hung backward. When you wear it, turn your hanger back around the right way. After a full year of seasons, whatever is still hanging backward gets tossed!

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