Monday, January 23, 2012

unsightly things

Here's what we did this weekend:

Actually, this is all from Sunday night.

The rest of the weekend, I simply cannot disclose to you.
Just kidding.

My neighbor Carla gave me a rockin' recipe for chocolate chip cookies,
made with barley and wheat flour.
Freshly milled, of course.
It was way more exciting than you can imagine.
Well, to me it was.

And something else happened.
One of those things that makes a wife want to run away and never come back.
My husband declared that he was going to clean out the junk drawer.
He's been threatening this for years.
And I've fought him tooth and
nail insisting that some things
are just best left for future generations to discover.
There are deep hidden secrets in there, along with 643 dried up ink pens.
And a few other unsightly things...

He even recruited some kids to help him.


Unsightly things indeed.
Including fingernail clippings.
Do you see them?
I'm so sorry.
See? I was right. It all should have been left alone, undisturbed.

And unrelated,
I bought myself some granny glasses.
Because...well, someone has been changing the print on all my reading material to the Slightly-Fuzzy font.


Rachel said...

take off those cool "non-granny" glasses & you won't see those nail clippings!

Anonymous said...

He He, love your humor!

connie said...

bahahaha. i hate that font!

Chris said...

Yeah, my DH claims they have changed the print too...or his arms got short.
Doesn't K-man know that junk drawers are dangerous places?...and he left the kids close?!

Cari said...

nice arch in your eyebrows!! i think the granny glasses draws attention to that feature. :)

Jo's Corner said...

Nail clippings??!! All I can think, is that "someone" did not want You to have to sweep them off of the floor! Is that a nice gesture? Or a gross one? : )

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