Wednesday, January 25, 2012

thanks, mandi!

Looky, looky!!

Don't you love my her header?

Thanks to MANDI for doing such a beautiful job!

And thank you all for the 4,598 emails & comments (nagging) reminding me
to change it.


Lolly said that last comment, not me.

I'll be back later to post about my morning.
It should be fun!


Robin said...

Looks fantastic, I love it!

connie said...

it's awesome! Mandi rocks!

Jennifer said...

Looks great!!!

Jenn said...

Love the new header! It reminds me I need to update my picture too!!

Matilda Joyce said...

Love the new header, but did I miss Macy on the sidebar?

Joanne Reddell said...

Wow! Retirement is sure keeping me busy!! I just caught up on reading your last 4 or 5 posts! AND I just saw your new family pic at the top. It looks amazing! You have a beautiful family!

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