Wednesday, January 25, 2012

milling with friends

What a fun Wednesday morning we had.
My dear friend Mary came over with her
littlest darlings, Justus and Hanna Mercy.

Mary and I milled grains, like any two Amish friends would.
We aren't really Amish.
Though, I do love the Amish.
Anyway, we milled grains in my modern electric mill.
Obviously, we are not Amish.
But I already told you that.
Let's leave the Amish out of this.

What was I talking about?

Oh yes,
we milled grains and talked up a storm.
It was such a delight!
Having a real life friend who lives close by, who
has adopted internationally, who I can talk to face-to-face
on a regular basis, is a GOD-send!!
(Should I have used whom instead of who? I think so.)

we had fun and our kids had fun too...

And since we were the only adults in the house...
and I really wanted a pic or two of Mary and me, we had
Justus, Isaiah, and Lucy each take a turn with the camera.

These are the only two half-way worth posting.

Photographers, they are not.

Note to self: Next time, finish putting make-up on before being photographed.
And get some bronzer.
And do something about the turkey-neck.

Thanks for a great morning, Mary!


Anonymous said...

who says I'm not amish?... oh wait is that how you spell it? :)

Jean said...

How Fun!!

The kids are so cute but probably not future photographers!!

Karin said...

Cracking up over the pics of you and Mary! So glad for you to have a face friend close by. :))

Chris said...

Yah! and you two don't look like Amish either!

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