Sunday, December 11, 2011

happy birthday to lucy! {and bedhead story}

Lucy-Goosey had a birthday.
She turned 23.

Wait...that doesn't sound quite right.

She is now six.
Which is impossible, I swear it is.
That tiny 2-year old dolly we scooped up in China is becoming
quite the big girl.
It's ridiculous that she thinks it's okay to continue with this
growing nonsense.

She asked me the other day how old I was.
"Honey, you know that Mommy is 27."

Lucy, giggling hysterically,
"MOM, no you are NOT 27!!! Hahahaha."

Well, that was rude.

So I didn't give her any of her presents.

The End.

Oh yes I did.

Since a child's hairdo is a direct reflection
on her mother,
I feel the need to just admit right here and now
that I'm pretty sure Lucy's hair didn't see nary
a grooming apparatus all day long.
I take the blame.
I am woman enough to do that.

Which reminds me.
The other day I was at the
beauty supply store (of all places)...and the clerk looks down
at Isaiah and says,
"Oh, I love his cute."

It was like a knife in my back.
(from one hair stylist to another)

I bit my tongue.
But it was all I could do to not give her a rundown
of my life.

It really should have been obvious to her (had she a lick of sense),
that I am a weary *27-year old* mother of six,
and this bed-headed child I was dragging through the store
is the youngest of the six.
It's a wonder he was even dressed, for goodness sake.

I digress.

Happy Birthday to Lucy (last Friday)!!


Robin said...

Happy birthday Lucy!! Six is awesome!

I cracked up at your comment about hair being a reflection on the mom. I'm no hairstyling whiz but at least it's usually neat and presentable. Whenever my husband is the one to get my daughter ready for school I have to fight an utterly overwhelming desire to pin a note on her lopsided, falling down ponytail and completely mismatched clothes that says, in VERY large letters, "my dad dressed me today".


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Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! Looks like a fun day!!

Funny about the hair! I'm lucky if my hair is brushed at home but I keep a one in the car and won't let anyone out until they at least swipe their heads!!
To give you some idea about my mom called yesterday and asked "do you like your hair that long or would you like a gift certificate for a hair cut for Christmas?" Geesh, why not just say your hair is gross!! Sheri

Debbie Sauer said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy! Can't believe how big she is getting. She sure is changing fast. I remember your trip to China to get her. Blessings

Jennifer said...

Lucy has such a beautiful smile! I just love it! Her face lights up. :) I hope she had a wonderful birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love this!!!!! :)

Patty said...

Well if it makes you feel any better.....we got to church today and noticed Brady was wearing two left shoes!

Healy Family said...

well this should make you feel bad - we used to have a neighbor who really was 27 (maybe even younger...) who had, at the time we knew her, 6 kids between the ages of 1 and 8. 5 girls and 1 boy. she brought all the kids to the bus stop every day. every one of her girls (except the 1 year old who didn't have enough hair) (and not the boy either) (so i guess that just left 4 girls) ALWAYS had perfectly braided hair - every-single-day. i don't know how she did it. there are days i get to work and panic suddenly, wondering if i remembered to comb the back of my hair...

Sally-Girl! said...

I can 't believe that Lucy is six already!! WOW!!! She is still as cute as can be!!!

Karin said...

You have no idea how comforted I am to know that you sometimes forget to use the brushing apparatus. BTDT. Happy birthday to your Lucy-girl!

BTW, my vanilla arrived safe and sound! And smells heavenly. :)

Chris said...

If you take Lucy's pictures against a black background...I can't see if her hair is combed or not.
With the staticy (sp?) weather..the hair doesn't stay combed anyway.

Happy Birthday Lucy...and your mom IS 27 least

Choate Family said...

It's been too long since I checked on you and your sweet family! You always make me smile, Lori :-)

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