Thursday, December 8, 2011

chocolate and champagne {eyeshadow mishap}

I made a hasty eyeshadow decision earlier this week.

I realize there are real problems going on the world right now.
But please, hear me out.

Here's my make-up buying ritual:

1. Stand mesmerized by all the purty colors,
completely unable to make a decision.
Leave the store.
Feeling empty.
It's a very sad place to be.


2. I make a decision in 30 seconds,
certain that I have found just the right shades that
will leave me looking fresh-faced and fabulous.
All my dreams and wishes, come true.
And world peace.
And dinner made & on the table when I arrive home.

Number 2 is what I went with this time around.
Sans the fresh-face, dreams/wishes come true, world peace,
and dinner on the table.

But whatever.

I got two eyeshadows, one named Champagne and the other, Chocolate.

Chocolate is good.
Chocolate is always good.

But Champagne, bad.

Very bad.

You know the bubbles that are in real champagne?
They were on my lids bright and early yesterday morning.
Dancing around, having a party.

I looked like a star in the Ice Capades.

So now I've gone back to the 10+ year old eyeshadow that I
was using previously.

Ten+ year old eyeshadow.

There's no reversing the damage of my purchase.
No refunds/no returns.

Eyeshadow budget: blown.

That's my eyeshadow story.

I know you were thinking there would be a grand crescendo
to my tale.

But, no.

That's it.

Now go on about your business.
You can now refocus your attention back on real problems.

Oh, but stay away from Champagne.
At least in the form of eyeshadow.


Tesseraemum said...

Funny!! We need pictures!!

Maybe Lucy can use it for dress up?!

Karin said...

I was WAITING for a picture!!! Just a hot tip for you... I sold Avon back in the day and if you don't like any of the make-up shades you purchase, they will let you choose another one FREE. Yep... See if you can get an Avon lady to come to your house. :)

Angie H. said...

What no pictures???? :)

Jean said...

Yes- I want a picture, too!!
Girl, Are you blending them? How can champagne not work?

Are you allergic to it??

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