Monday, December 12, 2011

paing {your suggestions, please}

I need your help.

Help me, please.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I am wanting to paint our basement family room area.
I would show you a picture but I don't have one.
And I'm lying in bed as I type this
and I'm not about to get up and go take a pic.
I'm just too lazy.
Plus I'd have to explain to my husband what I was doing
and that's just way too much effort.
I like to keep my craziness to myself.
And you guys.

So, just imagine a family room.
With a couch.
An entertainment center.
A treadmill.
A side table.
Goats and chickens.
Just kidding.

Alright, now that I've set the stage,
tell me what color to paint it.


I'm thinking gold-ish.
But not yellow.
Or orangey.

This is blue, I do realize.
But that's not what I want.
I just liked the picture.

Though I am thinking of a lovely orange for a wall in my
entry way.

But that's another post for another day.

Back to the basement.

I'm open to all suggestions.
Just nothing bright and crazy.
I'll save that for my eyeshadow.

I need something neutral, yet stunning.
Warm and jaw-dropping.
But not,
reach-out-and-smack-ya when you walk in the room.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.

I want to buy it at Home Depot or Lowe's
so don't be tellin' me 'bout some fancy color over
at a design center that I wouldn't dream of dragging my
children into.
I must have a shopping cart to harness these rascals.

So, tell me of your painting success stories.
Your rich colors that bring you joy every single day.
Colors that give you hope.
And soothe you after a stressful afternoon.
If it happens to babysit children, well, I will buy
eleven drums of it.

Thank you.

You are wonderful.

And if I pick YOUR color, I'll send you a prize.
Actually, probably not.
But maybe.


Jean said...

My favorite color ever is Ben Moore Pittsfield Buff- I think it is HC 124??
Khaki gold- light but dark enough. Works with anything! Have had it in 2 houses and will not change!

Check it out!
Let us know what you decide!!

Angie said...

I love warm tones, especially when I'm curling up to watch a movie. I don't know what color I'd like for doing the treadmill thing...cause exercise and I are not friends. But don't go too dark in the basement, either. I'm with Jean...why is that funny, jet-lagged lady posting about paint from China, btw?...perhaps a soft gold tone.

Toni said...

I love me my cappucino, and it is the Martha Stewart line from Home Depot. Just too bad it's not scratch-n-sniff!

Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, Jean broke the rules!!! Home Depot or Lowes Jean:) I have no help for you although if I asked my husband who has a great eye for color he could give you some great options:) I did choose to paint a bathroom yellow once...for the kids. It was so yellow when you looked in the mirror you had a tint of yellow too! Needless to say we went back to the store for a new can of paint and I listen to my husband now (at least when it comes to paint!)

Nancy said...

Caramel. Nuff said.

Tesseraemum said...

A friend of mine just painted her new house some seriously nice goldy color and a rusty orangey accent here and there. I have a message in to her for the paint names. Its not too dark but warm and inviting!
I can't have those colors as I grew up with "earth tones" golds, browns, rusts and I would have to shoot myself if I came home to find these colors in my house. I prefer Cat in the hat movie colors! Pinks, purples, yellows! LOUD! Sheri

Karin said...

I like Jean's color idea, as well as a caramel or decorator tan color. Depends on the amount of light in the room, your furniture color, etc. I have used a really pretty gold color called "Blond" from Sherwin Williams. Sorry... I don't know the Lowes colors by heart! ha. I did see a really nice tan called, 'Khaki' there a few weeks ago, though. A color that is gorgeous in someone else's house isn't necessarily going to look the same at yours. It really depends on the amount of light, the type of light (window, tungsten, florescent, etc.). Depending on the type of light, it will give the paint a different color cast. Tungsten (regular lightbulbs) have a yellow cast, florescent a blue cast, and window light depends on which direction your windows face. What I usually do is get four samples each of my favorite paint chips, tape them together to make a bigger one and then tape them to the wall. Leave them there for a few days so you can see how the light hits them.

Madeleine said...

A deep tuape. With a burgandy/cranberry entry hallway.
And cranberry accents in the familyroom.

Very comfy, yet classy.

Kristi said...

I found a gorgeous gold-ish color at HD....I think it was cornucopia by Martha Stewart.

Anonymous said...

Vanilla latte from Home Depot with a deep chocolate brown trim.

Karen said...

Lowes - Oatlands Gold Bluff (3004-8A) if you want it deeper or Churchill Hotel Hazy Yellow (3004-8B) if you want it a little lighter. It "came with the house" and we love it. The darker shade is on our main and 2nd floors and the lighter shade is in our basement.

Patty said...

OH oh I love painting! I'm sort of weirdly obsessive about it...... I only like to paint one wall that is a darker more exciting color. I suppose that might be called an accent wall. So, do one wall with either a reddish/cranberry color and the other walls a lighter tan/brownish color. OR do a darker chocolate sort of wall and the others a lighter brownish wall. So hard to explain in words. Just get a bunch of paint sample paper thingys and start putting ideas together. Better yet, I'll just fly out there for the weekend and we'll have a painting party!

Hezra said...

hmmm I will have to search my magazines!! lol I just used one from walmart(sorry I know you said HD or lowes but walmart has carts too and cheaper paint! But it lasts as well. for my room makeover called Gaucho. I love it! It is warm tan. Caramel ish. have white trim. I will show pics after we get things done. :-)

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