Friday, March 11, 2011

leading scorer and a super fan

Well hello, you!

So sorry for my lack of blogging this week.
And thank you so much for all of you who emailed, concerned about my absence.
Actually, I didn't any emails.
But, whatever.

Moving on.

Last night was our Winter Sports Banquet.
Nick received a nice recognition for his great contribution to the
team. He was the lead scorer for the JV team. He's cool.
Note that Nick is wearing his golf belt.
He was also texting his golf coach during the ceremony, setting
up a tee time for today.
He's die-hard, I tell ya.

The middle of the ceremony was dedicated to recognizing
a very special fan.
Or should I say, a Super Fan.


They made him a great collage poster.
He will be SO missed next year!

And this has prompted a slight interest in trying out
for yell-leading at his college of choice this spring.

That equals: FUN.
And it also equals: MORE $$$ for college!
But I think for him it only equals: Cheerleaders.



Karin said...

Oh how funny!! Cheerleaders. Yeah. You don't want him to be pining for home, though, do you? So being with all those cheerleaders should bring some comfort. Not. :)

Love the white golf belt. Back in the day that would have been the Pat Boone belt, wouldn't it? :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Your boys tickle me! They look like they are fun to hang out with. They are such wondeful young men. I am betting you are very proud of them!

janet and gang

Jean said...

Yay Nick and Benden!! You have a talented crew at your house!! How fun!!

Anonymous said...

Was worried about you! Glad to hear from you. CONGRATS to the boys!

Tesseraemum said...

Congrats to Nick and Brenden!
I can so see Brenden leading cheers for his college team!!
I will tell Isaac! Would you believe his cousin has been trying to talk him into joining her competitive cheerleading team! They need strong boys to lift and throw the girls!! He was horrified at the thought until Dad mentioned ALL of the girls!! Problem is at 13 he likes girls but talking to them is slightly difficult, let alone touching one!!!!

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