Monday, March 14, 2011

naan {richer and joyfuller}

Hello, my dearest friends!

I hope you are having a glorious Monday morning.
I know I am.
It's spring break...and as I glance out my window,
the snow is barreling down.
Of course it is.

But that's okay because I'm flexible.
Very flexible.

I know how to roll with the punches, weather-wise.

Last night was fabulous because my entire crew was here
and we had some great family time.
*Oh, how I savor it!*

I also got creative and made some Naan.

Okay, that's not actually my picture.
I sat and starred at my plate of freshly made naan,
which looked eerily close to the one above...
but I knew for certain my family would call me all sorts of
weird if I broke out my camera to photograph food.

And the above mentioned family time would be ruined.

Well, not really, but you know.

Anyway, my dear heavens, it was delicious!


I made a little meatball/gyro kind of sandwich out of mine.

Gasp! Gasp!

If you'd like the recipe,
and believe me, you it because I can't find
the one I used.
Well, I have it on paper, duh.
But how do I get that to my blog?
I do not know.

So google it, okie dokie?
Your life will be richer and joyfuller.

I promise.


So now as my week free from school begins I simply must
kick-off my super-heroic efforts to be productive
around this place.

I'm not sure where the heck to begin.


Karin said...

Not gonna do it...just hate to cook, but I enjoyed the photo and the IDEA of it all. :) hee!

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh I love homemade Naan. It is so expensive to buy and so inexpensive to make. Now you need to make some hummus to go with your naan. And I am naan-kidding!

Laughing cause the word verification is "deeprejt" sounds kind of Naanish to me!!

Debby said...


Mia said...

Hope you have a great Spring break!!! My spring break starts next week till 4th of april...
thinking of you...

Adrian Roberta said...

lol, too funny

This week all the kids clothes in storage is getting organized and stored properly in totes labeled with my new fangled label maker

So excited!!!

Hezra said...

look at you! Going all Susie home maker on us! Or pioneer woman with pics of food made from scratch. ;-) We are on Spring break too!! And yes, I was planning to get our gardens ready for planting but it is frigid and winter ish. So I must be productive in other ways. But not today.

JR said...

Happy Spring Break to you! Mine just ended sad!

Anonymous said...

Productive? I was productive once, I think.

Annie said...

I'll be honest and say that I probably won't attempt it myself, but it looks SO good and maybe I should just stop over and try yours!!!

Tracy said...

Not sure if you check back on your old post but just wanted you to know that I miss my morning coffee girl. : ) Hope all is ok in your world. I will say a prayer for you today either way. NOW GET BACK HERE SOON! : )

Faye Verquer said...

Where did you go?? That creative cooking project get to you? Where did your adoption pay thingy go???

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