Friday, March 18, 2011

not in the mood for blogging

Oh, I'm becoming such a bad, bad blogger.

My deepest apologies to the two of you who noticed my absence.

I am just not in the mood for it.
It's rather odd.
I'm thinking God is gearing up up for the busyness that awaits me
with two new boys comin' here soon.

I've been nesting, just a tad.

Not nearly enough though.

just thought I'd check in with you all.
I don't even have any fun pics to show you.
Or exciting news.

Oh wait.
I can show you a pic of a recent trip to Home Depot.
This is what happens when you take
teenage boys...who never ever stop taking advantage of near-by props.

Have a super fabulous weekend!

I'll try my best to get back on track, blogging-wise!


Sally-Girl! said...

Spoken like a true mama proud of her coneheads!!!

Have a good weekend!

Susan A said...

I did notice that you haven't blogged for some days, but I totally understand... I'm like that way too many times :)

Can't wait to see your two boys join you and your family in the photos :D I hope the conehead twins don't scare them off! ;)

Debby said...

I think Christmas pics should be a bunch of
have missed you, but totally understand!!

Shonni said...

Your boys never disappoint!!

Andrea said...

This is great...even though you didn't feel like doing it. ;)

Holly said...

Oh we all noticed, but we all understand! : ) Love your coneheads!!

JR said...

I have missed you & your daily posts! Figured you were enjoying spring break to the fullest and would post some amazing stuff (including pics!!) soon..... maybe i was wrong. Ha!

Janet and Kevin said...

Isn't it nice to have a normal, boring life for a season to rest up for what's a-comin? Savor the normalness of it all! Your boys are a hoot! When will you be going to China for your two newest sons? We hope to travel late summer/early fall.

janet and gang

David and Janet Hurley said...

Sorry- I didn't notice your absence...I just haven't been in the mood either, so I wasn't checking on you, or posting.
Beautiful sons!!

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