Monday, March 7, 2011

birthday party fun

Our birthday boy had a wonderful party!!

We started out at our house w/ burgers and cake.
And lots of friends.
Always a great combination.

Then we hit the rink.
And let me tell you, I learned pretty darn quick
that the "it's like riding a bike" rule does not
apply to roller skating.
I nearly freaked out as my 70s skating skills did not flood back to me.
But I'm happy to say that I didn't fall.
That was my goal.

After about the 16th pic like the one above,
I had to tell Macy that it really wasn't necessary to take a
pic of me each time I circled around!

Lucy was reluctant at first....but LOVED it once she
got the hang of it.

And by getting the hang of it, I mean she clung to me
for dear life the entire time...smiling big the entire time.

Nick and Nate. Apparently Nick is Nate's other twin.

Macy also loved "skating" but held tight for all her might as well.
My arms are SO SORE now!
I never thought skating would be such a work out to my upper body.
Note to self: Take the girls skating more often
to get ready for swimsuit season.

Birthday Brenden and friends...

Speed skating race.Groovy moves.

And backing up to the party at home...
You will notice that most of the guys are wearing dinner jackets.
Apparently B's party was worthy.

This group of kids is the best EVER.
I love them.
And here they were contemplating the fact that most
of them are now old enough to smoke cigars.
Love these kids!
Did I already say that?
Well, I do.
I love them.

It was super fun!!


Karin said...

Love the dinner jackets! :) Disappointing not to see a close-up of your orange and brown skates...hee! Glad you didn't fall and that you all had a great time!

Adeye said...

I love the dinner jackets too :) How funny.

Looks like Mr B had the best birthday ever....just as it should be on his big 18!

Holly said...

What a fun party. They do look like super kids. : ) And yeah, I tried skating last year for the first time since college. The skates quickly came off before I broke my neck!

Gretchen said...

I was so hoping you would post pictures of the party. Looks like everyone had a blast.

We went to a 30th birthday skating party not too long ago and my legs were so sore the next day, but I too did not fall on my butt the entire night. YAY!

Adrian Roberta said...

Oh Lori!

You so made my night the shot of you! Such pure Joy. You are so blessed to have such a huge group of what must be great friends for your kids!!!

Bless you!

Annie said...

First of all, Lori, you are SO cute! Secondly, I agree, my wobbly ankles did not take to skating after many years like riding a bike does, lol! Thirdly, I just love teenagers. I think they get a bad rap (wrap?) and they just need attention and understanding and support - they can be so much fun an so loyal!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Brenden!!

Looks like a great party! My invite must have been lost in the mail!

I think we're gonna have to go roller skating too- anything to get ready for swimsuit season! Either that or a full length robe!

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