Wednesday, March 30, 2011

getting you up-to-date...

Well, you are all just so darn sweet
with your comments and emails regarding my...

I can't even bring myself to say it.

It's weird.

But anyway,
your prayers have made all the difference
because I am feeling SO GOOD.
Pain-free, even!

Catching this thing early is key.


So in just a little while,
Brenden and I are heading to H*meland S*curity
to get his fingerprints done.
We are just walking in since his official
appointment isn't until the end of April.
We can't wait that long!
PLEASE pray that we get in and out with no problems!

And I'll leave you with this conversation from this morning....

"Mom, I really need your help with this English lesson."

"Nick...don't you speak English??"


Madeleine said...

LOL. Oh Lucy. Calling it like it is.

I am SO SORRY you have shingles. My best friend called me last week with the self same news. How miserable. :(

But goldfishing looks pretty cool!!!

Praying you got in, since this may be after the fact.

Karin said...

bahahaha I LOVE LUCY!! Oh wait...that's a tv show.

Glad you are feeling better and nipped it in the bud.

JR said...

tried posting a comment twice for yesterday's post....for some reason it didn't work.

Anyway sorry that you're sick, but happy that you're pain free today!

Love you, love your family, love your blog!!

Jennifer said...

Ha, ha, ha! Lucy! What a hoot! :)
Praying you have NO problems getting his finger printing done!!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Hope it went well. We are walking in tomorrow. Our appt is on Monday, but our son can only be off from work/ college on Thursday. He is driving 4.5 hours (both ways) to do prints.

4kids4us said...

Just in case it makes you feel better, I had shingles when I was a 5th grader. Weird, huh? There was no pain though - just an itchy rash and I gave my neighbor the chicken pox. I'm the person that all the doctors say, "I've read about people like you, but never actually met one until now." Lovely.

Glad you're feeling better!

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