Thursday, March 31, 2011

brownies and little rascals

Happy Thursday to you all!

As I sit here,
Brenden is in the kitchen making brownies.
And I'm way nervous about that.
K-man is reading an ad in a magazine to me about mole removal.
(As in, the rodent).
Macy is lying quietly on the couch.
Nick is helping Brenden (mainly just moral support).
And Lucy is mooching chocolate chips from her baking brothers.

That sums up what's happening at this moment around here.

Ok so, Brenden got his fingerprints yesterday!
Yeah, baby!

We walked in and kindly asked the guy in charge
if he could possibly squeeze us in...
to which he seemed completely annoyed that we would dare
be so presumptuous.
His exact words were,
"Well....we might be able to do it...but you'll have to wait
until ALL these people who are already here
get their prints done."

I turned around to take a second glance at just
how many people here were ahead of us.


Yes, so needless to say, we got in within about 20 minutes.


And today we got K-man's passport/visa.

We are SO set.

And as far as I can see,
we are done with all OUR work for these adoptions.
Hahaha...well, except RAISING them.

It has always cracked me up how women complain about labor pains.
Are you kidding me?
That is nothing compared to shaping and molding these little rascals
into half-way decent human beings.

Alright then.

I gotta go.
Lucy has gone overboard on the chocolate chips...
Brenden is sitting in the her bean bag chair licking the brownie bowl.
And now Lucy is crying profusely because he
won't share.

I really gotta go.


Karin said...

What is the deal with those fingerprint people getting so bent out of shape when you walk in? Urgh. That happened to us once and they refused to let us get fingerprinted due to 'ALL" the people they needed to help. Yeah. 3 or 4, just like you. So annoying.

Mia said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I saw some new english phrase...haha
you have lots of sense of humor...
me not good at english grammar...

Tony and Rett said...



Tracy said...

I just wanted to say Good Morning and thanks for another good cup o coffee and the company! : )

Holly said...

I LOVE brownie batter but make it without eggs so I don't get salmonella or whatever it's called! :)
Your blog posts usually elicit smiles. I wonder if you ever have a blue day girl? I seem to have enough to go around!

JR said...

Another wonderful day in the life of your sweet family!! I enjoying being "a part" of your family's daily life!

So it sounds like the decision has been made for K & B to travel to China to get your precious boys??!! Great decision!

How's the fundraising going? Can you give an update? Or maybe email me? Continuing to pray for your journey...

♥ you a ton!

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