Friday, April 1, 2011

therapy session {bear with me, please}

So here's what I know today.

It's April Fool's Day.

And there's no sign of our TA.

No foolin'.

(Bear with me as I am writing as a form of self-therapy...
and believe me, I need therapy)

It's not so much that I think MY timing is what's best.
Really, I have learned that it's not.
Definitely not.

But honestly, I'd just kind of like to know WHEN my boys
will finally come home.

I need to plan.

I'm a planner.
Though you'd sure never know that by what my house
looks like right now.

But I suppose there's no hard and fast rule that says a planner
needs to be organized and tidy, right?
And let's not even talk about my bathroom that remains
Or that all the posters I put up in our new boys' bedrooms
have fallen off the walls, less than a week after
putting them up.

What were we talking about?

Oh yes.

So, Brenden graduates the end of May.
The fearful side of me has K-man and the boys hopping off the plane,
grabbing their luggage and high-tailing it to the ceremony.
With only minutes to spare.

Ok, so maybe it won't be so tight.
It simply can't be.

But geezaloo, why can't someone just tell me
how/when all this will play out?

And if you can tell me that, I have a few other questions
for you as well.


Therapy session is over.

I really need to do something to make this place we call home,
more presentable.

Have a great weekend.
And don't forget to leave me a nice/funny/informative comment.
You choose.


Susan A said...

I love your form of self-therapy, Lori, made me smile, it is therapy to me in a way :)

I will pray and ask God if He can organise that everything will go smoothly with the planning details for Brenden's graduation and K-man arriving in time to see it.

Kristi said...

When I read your blog title I thought maybe you were seeing therapy in poor Lucy's future - poor kid not getting to lick the brownie batter bowl. Just don't tell my kiddos - I've convinced them you will get really super sick if you eat batter before you turn 30.

Debby said...

I completely submit to your theory is neither organized or tiday....I think they also call us Ceative Souls....yes...that is it!

I want your new boys home yesterday!! I'll pray that it all happens as you need it to.

Debby said...

UGG..That should read: A PLANNER is neither necessarily organized OR tidy.........

Jennifer said...

Hang in there girl! :) It won't be long!!! :) Before you know it you'll be running around like a crazy woman getting things ready for your trip!! :) I'm an ultra planner and I'm not totally organized either...unless I'm planning it! ;)
Big (((HUG)))!!!

Mia said...

I love reading this one! I will pray for your TA!
I saw cherryblossom and people jumping in the lake on a rainy day/april 1st!!!
Have a super weekend!

Hezra said...

aww... I SO know how you feel. MY house is a gargantuan mess!!! We are waiting to see if our new adoption of a bunch of siblings is going to go through. It is tortuous! I need to blog-a-vent too maybe.

Angela said...

Vent away. Being on this side of the TA is downright torturous!

Anonymous said...

Being in limbo is the worst. Don't you wish God would just email you with the itinerary at the beginning? Hang in there!

Nancy said...

I do think Lucy will have met her match. God bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

Waiting is so hard , esp. when you have so much going on and you are a planner am I . When my second one was coming home we were also moving into new construction .. it was nerve racking trying to figure out how to be in China and closing on a house at the same time .. but the Lord had a plan and it worked out. Kate came home on a Sat. and we moved the next Sat.. certainly not the way I would have planned it but it God's plan . I will pray everything works out , I know it will and quickly .

David and Janet Hurley said...

Be anxious for nothing....
I know, I do it too. And K-man and the boys would not be smelling or looking pretty for graduation after 20 hours of flying and airports.
Keep some febreeze in the car to be safe=)

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