Monday, January 10, 2011


We're in the middle of a snowing frenzy here.
And even though last year's incredibly long, white winter lasted forever
(leaving me longing for Maui),
I am loving it!

School is out.
Yes, even homeschool.

I'm not only an incredibly fun mom, but also blast of a teacher.

Last night we had a semi-fun evening.
Just keepin' it real, folks.
It was a tad on the boring side, I'm not gonna lie.

But we still managed to do a few exciting things.

Macy tried to teach Kelly some Chinese.
Look how much fun they're having!

Are those daggers coming from Macy's eyes?And now that January is in full swing,
I figured it was time to make our Christmas cookies.

Yes, I know...I'm a slacker.
And I'm pretty sure I've violated Proverbs 31 for not being
more timely about it.

Oh, and you'll never guess who the number one kid was who wanted
the above mentioned cookies.


He turned from this soft-cookie-hearted guy quickly, however,
when I took this pic.

With threats, even.

But I'm confident he doesn't ever read my blog so I feel safe.
Though please do check in on me over the next 24 hours, would you?

Lucy had the most fun.
Poor little cookie cutey,
Mama only had green food coloring.
How in the world did I ever get approved for adoption
with this kind of neglect?

Merry Christmas!
Or something like that.


Nancy said...

Better late than never. Right? Glad to see Lucy Bug is rid of her bug.

Joy said...

Lucy did a great job on her cookie. :-)

JR said...

Sweet pun intended!!

Kari C. said...

We have a snowday in Nebraska too. We are making sugar cookies. :)

quilt-n-mama said...

It is cold and snowy here too! They started school an hour late today so I decided that after Heghine got to school, we should have school too. My kiddos were not too happy about this! But I'm thinking as might make the last of our ginger bread houses this afternoon... I'm with you, so what if Christmas is over:) Let have some fun!

tinacd said...

Well, since we have our "family Christmas" in January, your timing is right on! We'll be doing lots of baking on Saturday. I know, we're wierd :)

Karin said...

Those ginger bread men look yummy. Glad I'm not there to be tempted by them. :) The look on Lucy's face is priceless...haha

Holly said...

Better late than never! And that is coming from the queen of procrastinators. : )

Tesseraemum said...

I'm figuring your snow is headed our way! At least they keep singing about the white death... We are going to make bread tomorrow or Weds whenever it gets here!
I am sure Nickerdoodle (btw, we call our Olivia, Liverdoodle! Not kidding!) anyhoo..Nick will appreciate that pic of the top of his head when he is about 40 and his cute curly locks are inching toward the back of his head! He will appreciate his mama then too. Just sayin! Sheri

Nicole A. said...

Awesome! Right there with ya - we're doing our gingerbread houses this weekend! (Really! I was too embarrassed to admit it at first!)

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

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