Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sensible mom {bahahaha}

As I type this,
I have a battle going on inside me.

Giddy-inner-child vs. Sensible-mom

You see,
I am facing another snow day today.

Another day of this...

and this.

But hopefully not this...

**Boys making cookies**
Paying little attention to the recipe.
Or kitchen etiquette.

But they had fun.
And I must admit, the cookies were delicious.

So we'll see what today brings.
Maybe I'll talk my girlies into going outside.
Oh wait...it's me who needs
to be talked into that.

Or maybe Sensible Mom will prevail and we'll get some school work


That's funny.


Debby said...

Let us know who wins....maybe it will be a compromise...half day of school...cut short by the need to play in the snow.....
What fun days you have!!!

Karin said...

You are fooling no one with that pathetic attempt to have school. bahahahahahahaha Can't you consider the cookie-making a home-ec course?

Sharla said...

I love snow days, but they are just not productive! Have fun!! I'm staying snuggled up in my blanket!!

Laurie said...

LUUUUCCCKKKKEEEYYY!!!! (Napoleon Dynamite voice)
We don't have snow so we don't have an excuse not to do school :(
Enjoy whatever you do decide to do. Home ec happened yesterday and those boys wives are going to love them if they will ever cook for them. =0)

Shonni said...

Thanks for making me laugh!!!!

megadog said...

Funny. I loved the kithen shots, especially the one of the dishrag--oh boy--that'll leave a mark!
Might as well enjoy the snow day while you have it--it's gone all too soon and then it's back to the old grindstone.

Charissa said...

I don't mean to hijack your comments but I wondered if you heard about this story and might now someone homestudy ready who could be interested. It is heartbreaking. Hope you had fun in the snow!


Little Lady said...

let them have fun mom!!! :) love the post...reminds me of my own family. thanks.


Adeye said...

How fun are your boys?????? Oh my goodness....never a dull moment in your house, friend.

Forget school...wins every time around here :)

Chris said...

boys in the kitchen! did they clean up?
We probably have a snow day tomorrow, maybe I have to bake Christmas cookies too...or more likely...have to help finish the school project on Japan

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