Saturday, January 8, 2011

big boys

The Eagles had a super sweet victory tonight.
Twice over.
JV kicked some did Varsity.

The fans get really into it.
And as I told you before, Brenden is their ring-leader.

I positively love how he roots for his little bro.
Golly, I love my biggest boy.

Oh, but sometimes he's distracted.

Gee, I wonder why?

Here's my 3-pointer extraordinaire.

And a quick steal and he's down the court in a flash.
Golly I love my next-biggest boy.

I can't stand the fact that high school is almost over for these
two great young men.
They are priceless treasures to me.

They make me laugh till I might pee my pants.
I think I'm going to consider home-college-schooling them.
I'm doubtful that they will go for that.

Now if you'll excuse me as I go have a big ol' ugly cry.


Angie said...

Go have a good cry, and then just keep fillin' up that house of your like your doin'! We'll have kids around for LONG time!

Tracy said...

Great Pictures! I hear ya on the big cry, I remember the year my oldest graduated and every morning on the way into work the same song would play...Butterfly Kisses. By the time I got to work I looked like my best friend had died. Its tough! But I will say that both of my older daughters that are now out on their own are two of my very best friends.
Oh and just an extra little tidbit. As a gift for both of my girls on their graduation, I contacted all of our family, friends, people from our church who had been involved in the girls' life over the years and asked them to write a letter (perferably in their own hand writing) stating a special memory they had with them and maybe a bit of advice and then send a picture of themselves. I posted the letters along with the picture of the person by the letter in a big album. Of course my husband and I got in on it too. THEY LOVED IT!!! They have told me that that was something that got them through some tough days and it gave them alot of laughs.
Just an idea! : )

Jean said...

I know what ya mean- I love the big boys, too!!

My heart aches every time the go back to college and leave home. They are so much fun to have around!!

I do agree with the fact that ya need to keep refilling as they leave! They love coming home to a house that cheers when they walk in the door!!

eat some chocolate- you'll feel better!

Karin said...

I was going to say something clever like, " got like three feet of air that time," until I got to the part where you want to cry because their high school years are almost over. WAH!!!!! Empty nests are so over-rated.

Holly said...

I love the home-college-schooling idea! Now you are on to something!

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