Sunday, December 12, 2010

did i win?

Today my sweet girlies had their winter piano recital.

As we listened to the others who went first,
and Lucy's turn was drawing near,
she quietly but firmly announced to me
that she wasn't going to do it.

Ummm, what?

I just brushed her comment off and whispered that
she would be fine.
And that Mommy would cry if she didn't play her piece.
OK, I didn't say that last thing.
But that's exactly what would have happened had she backed out.
I haven't listened to "Up on the Housetop" for the past two months,
day in and day out, for nothing.

But I'm happy to say that she did it.
And did a fabulous job.

Pretend you see Lucy taking an traditional bow.

Later, it was Macy's turn.
And she did beautifully too.
Of course.

Great job, girls!

On the way home Lucy said,

"Mom, did I win?"

"What? What do you mean, did you win?"

"The recital, did I win it?"

Oh my word.
We've got quite a competitor on our hands.

Yes, my darling Lucy,
you WON.


Karin said...

You go, Lucy girl! :) I love the dress she is wearing! Did you design that?!? :)

Jean said...

That is because she has watched b-ball for the last 2-3 years! In B-ball someone always wins and loses.

Sarah is all about winning. Getting into the car first.buckling her seatbeat first, going to the bathroom first, walking in the house first... yes that will be a future post!

Congrats to both your girls! Good job!!

Rachel said...

Your girls look beautiful! Recitals make me nervous...Did you ever see the I Love Lucy where little Ricky had his drum recital? funny stuff

Nancy said...

Such beautiful girls, you have. They take after their mommy.

Janet and Kevin said...

Great day! Lucy reminds me of someone at our home who is a tad unpredictable in situations where it counts! Hee, hee! She will always keep you on your toes!!

janet and gang

Madeleine said...

LOL! Too bad that you can't HEAR the concert in here.

Both your girls are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. <3.

And how come your son didn't play? Did he drop it?

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