Saturday, December 11, 2010

birthday post {finally}

Well, after 78 attempts to get this now anticlimactic post posted,
here it is.


My mom came by to celebrate Lucy's birthday
mid-day, which turned out to be a terrible mistake.
At least according to Lucy.

She had been sound asleep on the couch and even though
we gently woke her up, gave her plenty of
time to warm up, she still had an
bear-like attitude.

So, Macy and Brenden opened her presents.

Playing the role well.

Very well.

that emotional meltdown melted away by early evening
so we could have a little fun....

The saddest thing about the pinata plan was that
the only kids at the "party" were our kids.

But Lucy was just fine with that.

Then Macy took her turn.

Oh boy, did she.

She whacked the body clean off the head.
Who'd ever have guessed that this timid 76 pound child
would have so much aggression.

Very therapeutic, I'm sure.

The boys continued to hack away at the body.

And later,
a few presents that the birthday girl did open herself.

It was a fun celebration.

But mercy be, I'm glad it's over.


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

I guess the song "It My Party And I'll Cry If I Want Too" pretty much tells the story!


Adeye said...

Looks like a perfect day for a princess :)

Thanks for sharing your precious memories, friend.

Rachel said...

LOVE the picture of Macy w/ her arm around Lucy - so loving & encouraging! sniff-sniff
Next year you'll have one more child to whack that pinata!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until she really turns 15!! Boy howdy!! Maybe she's just ahead of the game and will get her emotional stage out BEFORE adolescents! :)

Holly said...

I had a nap like that the other day. Woke up and felt grumpy for hours. I guess it's the worst when that happens at your birthday party! So glad she perked up, though! : )

Karin said...

Ewww...the after-nap grumpies are the WORST! {which is why I do not take naps unless I am sick}

Glad she snapped out of it and had a good day. :)

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!! Wow! 5 yrs old!! Amazing!!

I had to LOL when I saw the poor pinata after Macy's turn- you go girl!!

Madeleine said...

Oh thanks for the pictures!!

She sure is a cutie and you have some awesome kids. Who needs more kids? lol.

And we foreigners take our pinata whacking pretty seriously.

Don't mess with it. lol.

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