Tuesday, December 14, 2010

no-stress zone

I was told once that a good blogger blogs every single day, without fail.

But golly, what's a bloggy-girl to do when there's
not much going on?

Actually, there is something HUGE going on.
But I can't talk about it.
No, I can't.
Don't even ask.
But definitely PRAY.


I'm starting to sweat a bit (ton) over the Christmas shopping I have left to do.
And I hate that.
The very second I start to stress over this joyful day of celebration,
I know that my focus is not in the right place.
Refocus, refocus.

But I'm a tad disappointed because I had all these grand plans
to make some crafty things that would
ooooh, and aaaaah the recipients.
But unless I can conjure up a Houdini/Martha Stewart-type
project, it ain't gonna happen.

Alrighty, so I'll leave you with a pic of Lucy.
Only because posts without pics are dreadfully boring.

But I'd love to hear from YOU.
Where do you stand in your Christmas shopping?
And more importantly,
tell me if you have some over-the-top
fabulous gifts that you've come up with.
Cause I just might
kindly steal your ideas, thank you very much.


quilt-n-mama said...

My girls and I are doing a little sewing for Christmas gifts, nothing big but they are having a blast! Doll pillows and pillowcases and then we found several simple free "softie" animal patterns so they are making them for cousins. THey also made really simple, fast table runners for their teachers (piano, gymnastics, etc. Lastly for their grandparents, cute Christmas ornaments (or can be magnets) of ginger bread houses and they put their pictures in the window. there is a little sign outside the house that says "Merry Christmas 2010." We are also just giving lots of home made bread and cookies this year.

Madeleine said...

I am in full panic mode now. We had the flu here for the past week & a half. My poor son was at 104+ on average for almost a week. :(

And now I need to get out of this house to shop!!!

So, how about if we take time out together for a cup of tea? :D lol. Okay so you are far, but we can fake it. lol Because I am not in a good place for this shopping thing.

Mandi said...

Girl, you can definitely count on prayers from me. I cannot wait until you can share.

As for the Christmas gifts, I am making matching aprons for Emma and Matt's mom. They were actually supposed to be birthday gifts, but I have had so much going on they are now becoming Christmas gifts. If I get a chance, I may make pajama pants for the boys. I too had grand plans of being crafty this year, but it just ain't happenin like I had envisioned.

Leah said...

Oh we are trying to get some Christmas shopping done today but we are also meeting with a dr to determine if Wayne will need surgery on his foot. ~sigh~. I am seriously only about 25% finished.

Acceptance with Joy said...

I hear you!!

I try to catch a store between therapies.... but I have NOTHING for my three teen girls for Christmas and not a clue to work on.

AfterGirl said...

I am taking an old quilt that my grandmother made and making photo pockets for all the women in the family. They take about 10-15 minutes each to make.

Patty said...

Hmmm, lets see....where do I stand....bahahahahaha.....I have SO much to do!!!! We don't even have our tree up yet. Can we just postpone Christmas until January?

Nancy said...

Shopping? Nada. Zilch. Zip. Not a thing.

Guess I better start thinking about it!

Janet and Kevin said...

Ok, something must be wrong at our house this year because I think I am finished shopping except for some little items. I am NOT usually this organized AT ALL but having to do the paperchase for our third adoption right now has gotten me super organized. I will enjoy it while it lasts! Ha, ha!

Some years I make a home-made hot chocolate recipe and buy cute mugs to go along with it! But honestly it costs more than if I just found something on sale! I am not as crafty as I used to be when Ted was little.

Merry Christmas,
janet and gang

Debby said...

Oh Lori...I hear you. I can not wait to hear more about your secret!!

I am nearly done with my shopping, but I leave tomorrow for a husiness trip & will not be home until Dec 22...UGGGG...I HATE that I have to travel this time of year!!

I tried to get most of the girls things wrapped today...I have so much to do...laundry & packing still ...ARRRGGG

Angela said...

I was doing pretty well with a little Christmas shopping here, a little China travel shopping there, leaving a week after Christmas. UNTIL I just found out our Consulate Appointment has to change and there's a chance we will be flying out Christmas Day! Yikes.

Holly said...

You know, I think it's totally fine to skip days on blogs. Because sometimes people really don't have time to read them every day, and then when they do have time, they have to go back and catch up, and there just isn't a lot of time to go back and read a bunch of blog entries. You know what I mean? So, if people don't like it that you don't post every single day, phooey on them. : )
Christmas presents...don't make them. Buy from people who are raising money for adoptions, or from Women at Risk International. That's my plan!

Oh yeah, and you are sooo mean to give us a hint that there is a secret!!

megadog said...

Why, oh why do you tease us with a secret. You know we're all dying to know now! Christmas shopping--yeah, I'm in the same boat but trying to stay calm, cool and collected.

Grandma Shelley said...

I made ragtime flannel quilts for my 9 grankiddos. Just finished the last one about 1/2 hour ago. I also, for the past 4 years have made each and everyone of them a pillowcase. They are all individual cases according to what the child is interests are. I think when they are old, that will be the childhood memory of me...pillowcase granny. lol

Cari said...

Santa might put you on the naughty list for keeping secrets from us! :)

I'm almost done shopping but I did most of it online. This year I did a sweatshirt for each of the older kids from their school and personalized it with our last name. I also purchased books, puzzles and craft type things...NO video games this year...I got really burned out from those the past couple of years.

Nancy said...

Done with shopping, but wrapping...that is a different story. I am very excited about a gift I got my son...a ride in a Nascar car around a Nascar track. It was a Groupon, so it was half price.

But let's not lose sight of what Christmas is really all about. Right?

Jean said...

I want to know what that huge thing is?? I will pray and can't wait to find out!!

I'm not much help with the christmas shopping. We did it all on line- haven't stepped foot in the store.

We did order Dot gloves for our 3 older kids- they are gloves that can be worn when using an iphone- so they don't freeze their hands EXCEPT they won't arrive in time! I ordered them at thanksgiving and they are backordered- bummer.

The girls are getting am girl doll things.

Now I am going back to read everyone else's ideas!!

Kathy said...

Praying also! I can't wait to hear more
about your secret!

Shopping is done as of yesterday!
I did mostly online and a few things
at the stores in town. Now to finish wrapping.

It has been warm this year (low 80's)
it doesn't seem like Christmas time when
we are walking around in shorts. We are
supposed to have a cold snap tomorrow
a high of only 57 degrees! Christmas Caroling
as the girls club delivers the blankets they made
to CPC and Ronald Mcdonald house and the retirement home. Will help put our focus
where it should be.

Karin said...

I love what Cari said about you going on Santa's naughty list for keeping secrets. :) You bad girl!!!

I think I am almost done shopping but I'm sure my gifts won't help you because we are mostly doing Lego's this year. We are so tired of TOYS. ugh. They don't get used or they break in 5 minutes. But Legos...ahhh....they don't break easily and they last for years. We are still using the Duplos we bought for Ryan and Taylor when they were little.
As for daily blogging, I read the same thing you did but I don't think people have time to read them daily.

Janet said...

I have a snakin suspicion about your secret=).
DONE! Sent DH to a store for 2 piggy banks yesterday. GOt stocking stuffers in CHina in Aug. Best of all, the wiggle cars that the kids are getting were FREE, because DH got a giftcard at work.

Marie-Claude said...

Done with the Christmas shopping (a lot done on-line) the last order will arrive on monday. (Books;). My hubby and I tried to make our children understand that santa will bring them for sure a gift but as for us it will not be overflowing. Simply because, you already have a lot, you will get some, but we want to show you that Christmas is all about giving. At our local shopping mall, they have this huge Christmas tree with enveloppes with name of children and/or families with two suggestions of gifts. These families are selected from social services of our city, they just lost their jobs, live in projects, single parents families, etc, simply said, they really do not have the life we have. So last week we set out with our kids, each of them picked up an enveloppe and we went Christmas shopping for these needy kids. Afterwards, we delievered them to the organisation that will have santa or someone else offer them their present at Christmas. Of course, that meant that ours kids had one less present but they were so happy to do this. They want to did again next year!

As for my family (brothers and brother in law), I took old receipes written by hand by my mother, had them photocopied on cardstock, cover in plastic and inserted them in a beautiful metal box. On the box I glued a great picture of my mom. (I did the same for my mother in law for my inlaws).

They will each of them receive a metal box with mom's favorite receipes. Mom past away 3 years ago, Christmas time is not the same anymore, having her hand written receipes is very touching.

(Got the idea from Martha Stewart, Everyday)...it's the only project I had time to do this year!!!

Happy Holidays,


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