Tuesday, November 23, 2010

they match

The other day on our way home from church
Lucy was giving us the run-down
on which of her friends were in her class.

She rattled off all the regulars...
Chlea, Mia, Taylor...and the list went on.

Then she said,
"Logan was there...but I'm not sure of the name
of the boy who matches him."

"Matches him??? You mean he has a twin?"

"Yes, his twin matches him.
But I don't know his name."

Oh my.

So funny.


Karin said...

That is so cute! :)

Adeye said...

Soooooo adorable :)

Holly said...

That is too cute! At first I thought you meant she didn't know the boy's name who was the same RACE as the first boy. :) Like, their skin colors match!

Jean said...


Sarah has asked so many twin questions- Johnny has buddies that are identical twins.

Now she wants to know are the dogs twins, the chicks twins, the cats twins, the girls twins. We have had to define over and over again what are twins!

( I it comes with the territory- older child adoption! I think she is getting it now!)

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