Sunday, November 21, 2010

serious fun

Moments before these pics, Kel told Lucy about Charlie (our dog) dying.
At first she just asked logistical questions
such as, "what will we do with his food dish...."
then, she broke down and cried and cried.
Poor little pumpkin.

She bounced back quickly though, thankfully, because she was
breaking my heart.

Then the girls start having some real fun.
I came outside to find them "skiing" on their scooters.

Then we planted some bulbs.

Then Mama showed them some serious fun.

I'm sorry but, if anyone ever accuses me of not being adventurous,
I'm going to show them the above pics.
In fact, I think I'll have them printed and framed.
Yes, that's what I'll do.

I can't tell you how great it is to see how far Macy has come.
This once camera-shy girl now lights up
when I take her pic.

The last year has been so difficult for her
but she has made some serious
leaps of progress recently.

Happy, happy!
Joy, joy!


quilt-n-mama said...

All the pictures are awesome but I love the last one of Macy... what amazing things the Lord has done!

Janet said...

What a fun day. You are brave and adventurous----I would be afraid the swing set would tump over if I did that, or I'd fall off on my head and end up in the ER.

Karin said...

Love the Macy pics!!! She looks so comfortable with you now. :) And you, my dear, are FUN. Although don't hang upside down for too can kill brain cells or something.

Angela said...

Your girls are stunning. Love their smiles.

Serving the King said...

No kidding she lights up! Gracious! She is beautiful!!!

Holly said...

Oh yes, you are so adventurous!! : ) And I love the great reports about Macy so much! What a precious girl!

Rachel said...

Yes, "happy, happy & joy, joy" are the emotions I felt looking at those pics of your girls! God is sooo good a "making all things new"!
On the other hand...thanks to you, Ali & Erin asked when I would go to the park with them & hang upside down on the swings. Maybe if I looked like you in my jeans :) Hmmmmmmm.....

Shanna said...

I've loved watching the change in your beautiful Macy. Her smile is so bright! I a so sorry about favorite childhood dog was my pomeranian :( big hugs to you and your family.

Laurie said...

Mrs. Lori,
What are you going to try next? The flying trapeze? Skydiving? I'd come watch. ;). I love the bonds of sisterhood and mothers with their daughters. Your girls radiate just as you do. You are one whose children rise up and call you blessed.

JR said...

I really ♥ seeing your beautiful girls!! Lucy is the cutest lil gal EVER and Macy is so pretty!! I love watching Macy bloom in her forever family.

Love you guys!

Lyn said...

Beautiful girls!

Kathy said...

You are one adventurous momma!
Trust me it will keep you young! :)

I love that last picture... Macy just shines!
She looks so much more relaxed and at
peace. God is so good!

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