Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hello, my pilgrim friends!

I hope your Thanksgiving is starting out with a bang.

I know mine has.

*Trying, trying, trying to be thankful*

Lu-bug has a flu-bug (or something) and got up at 5 AM.
Sweet, isn't she?
It's all good though because
I was really hoping to see the sun rise this morning anyway.
(sarcasm font)
Perhaps that will happen soon.

We had a lovely T-giving dinner at my parents' house last night.
It was good but after we left I realized
I had forgotten to have pie.

Who forgets to eat pie?

Today we are off to my in-laws' house.
Much smaller crowd at this gathering.
Hopefully Lucy will feel like going.

Let me leave you with a snid-bit about me.
I know you were hoping for something.
I've never ever eaten that green bean casserole stuff.

I just can't imagine what the big deal is about
mushy veggies in sodium soup.

Oh and I'm very anti-Black Friday.
OK, not really.
I just don't get why anyone would get up while it's still dark
(as I sit here in the dark)
to go shopping.
Perhaps I'll venture out Friday afternoon,
the way our forefathers
So, for the seven of you who might be reading this,
tell me...

Do you like green bean casserole and
are you a crazy-get-up-at-an-obscene-hour
Black Friday shopper?

7:18 AM
Look what I just found on the couch.
(Now that I'm wide awake)


AfterGirl said...

yes to green bean casserole (although my brother in laws green beans are MUCH better) and no to shopping on black friday!

Hope Lucy feels better soon! Happy TDay to you and yours!

Tracy said...

yes i eat the green bean casserole, but have to admit that even though we only eat it about once year, it gets a little old sometimes. :)
I have done black friday, but dont really shop much. For me I think its more using it as an excuse to get out of the house for a little while all by myself...oh and hook up with my best friend and have coffee...oh and some of the people are VERY ENTERTAINING!.

Nancy said...

Yes, I love green bean casserole. You forget to eat pie? Must have been a senior moment. And yes, one year I stayed up and went to the outlet mall at midnight. Won't do that again. Have a great Thanksgiving, my friend.

Janet and Kevin said...

You are a funny lady! Yes, we like that soggy green bean stuff! In fact, we are making it and taking it to my mil's today! Kevin and I will eat any extra helping in honor of you!! Hee, hee!!

(Kevin really, really wants to Fed Ex some to you! )

I used to go shopping with my mom on Black Friday bright and early. Kevin has been known to go out at 5 a.m. to get that treasured toy that afterwards they only played with for a day or two! - not worth the early hour in my mind!

All kidding aside, have a Happy Thanksgiving dear friend. Hope Lucy feels better, too! Next year at this time your son and our daughter will be home for the holidays! Yippee Jesus!

Janet and gang

Wife of the Pres. said...

Green bean casserole is YUCK! I can however send you a recipe for a casserole with green beans in it that you might just love! I don't know but it is much better than the traditional version and does NOT have cr. of mushroom soup in it. :)

Sorry your baby is sick. Our two littles have been hacking for days. UGH! DH said do you suppose we should be worried (you know b/c of their CHD and all?) I said, no they just saw cardio. and he said they were doing great, just needed to cover their coughs better (as Li'l Dude hacked right in the poor guy's face). Ooops.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOUR CREW! Can't wait to see your family next year with your newest blessing at the table!

Joy said...

I like it, once a year. :-) My cousin made some from scratch, without the sodium soup, with real onions and sour cream, and it was SO good.

I hope Lucy gets better soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joy said...

forgot to say, NO to black Friday!

Angie said...

Yes, I love green bean casserole, but it will not be present at my house today. You FORGOT to eat pie? you have the flu bug, too? :)

Jean said...

Love the green bean casserole!! BUT hubby went and bought fat free soup. Hope it tastes as good. As you can see I'm not into the healthier version!

Shopping on black Friday- NO THANK YOU! Like you I may venture out later but no crazy early morning sale stuff for me!

Hope Lucy feels better soon. Glad she's getting some rest!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Toni said...

No green bean casserole at my house...going out at midnight tonight to get a couple items at Walmart, but then coming home and crawling under the covers where I intend to sleep until at least 8 am (yeah right, fantasy with 2 six year olds)!

Chad and Kristy said...

Green bean casserole... not my favorite..
I will not be getting up to shop but Chad and Bethany.... that's there thang:)I will enjoy hearing their battle stories at lunch tomorrow.

Hope Lucy Bug gets to feeling better:(

Skip on over to my blog for some big news!!

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Mushy green beans are not my thang, so I make the casserole with broccoli instead! And, my hubby has asked me to accompany him to Academy Sports tomorrow at some unthinkable hour of the morning so he can purchase another firearm...he says he's preparing for the revolution...Really? Whatever!

Blessings & Happy Thanksgiving

Pam said...

We love the green bean casserole at our house! Yes, that mushy, sodium filled stuff. In fact the first question my "home from college" son asked me this morning was if we were having it! He looked so relieved when I said, "YES!"

Marie-Claude said...

From up here in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving to you neighbors. And since I am from Canada and we do have Thanksgiving in October with turkey and all the trimmings I must admit I never have seen this green casserole....let alone ate it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Anonymous said...

Long time reader....first time commenter! I do like the green bean casserole....once or twice a year max!

Big fat NO to Black Friday shopping though. The few dollars you'd save (if you can snag the things you really want) are definitely not worth losing sleep or fighting mobs of people for! I usually volunteer to work that day.

Hope you got some pie today and praying Lucy is feeling better!

RJMS said...

In my old age and wisdom, I have finally started to truly enjoy green beans, but I never make them in a casserole. I would not however, turn down another's labor to serve green bean casserole to me. ;) And although I used to be a black friday shopper (mainly for the christmastime jingles and awesome Starbuck's peppermint mocha) I must say that this year, I have ridiculously scheduled a dentist appointment at 8:15 a.m. for myself and my daughter! What was I thinking?

Tony and Rett said...

Green bean stuff..not so much.

Shopping? Um. I'm leaving at just a few hours!!

Hope Lucy feels better soon!

Tony and Rett said...

Green bean stuff..not so much.

Shopping? Um. I'm leaving at just a few hours!!

Hope Lucy feels better soon!

Karin said...

I detest green bean casserole!! There is no way you can hide the taste or texture of a green bean. {yuck}

I don't get up early to go shopping but I normally shop with my mom, sisters-in-law, and Jillian for awhile. Mostly lunch out and wandering around the stores. This year? Hmmm....not sure. Might just go out to lunch and then hit Target. :)

codyssister1 said...

yep, love it, had 2 helpings of it and Maren seemed to love it too. She LOVES green beans and eats them up anytime they are served but today...she placed the green bean in her mouth, stripped it of all of it's casserole goodness and promptly removed it and placed it nicely on the tray.

and I will not be shopping tomorrow, happy to say that we are all finished with that little task. (in the words of my friend Lori, WOOT WOOT!!) tt

connie said...

Green bean casserole is good - once. Never for leftovers! And I only eat it if I make it :)
As for Black Friday - NO! I get up before the sun every day, and I'm not going to battle a crowd just to give my money away :)
I hope your day was wonderful. I WISH I hadn't eaten pie. Seriously thinking Weight Watcher's come Monday...or Tuesday.
Love you!

mary said...

I do not understand why anyone likes the green bean casserole! It has been around for so long but I have never figured out why it is so popular.

Have only done Black Friday once and that was enough. I am really enjoying the quiet of my home today. I think I will do a lot of shopping online this year.

Healy Family said...

1. no to green beans, casserole,plain, boiled, baked, or even fried.

2. 45 years so far of no black friday. however all my kids really want to go so someday when they're all old enough to "fend" for themselves, i will take them - one time only. i do not want to wake up early and wrestle a bunch of unwashed people fighting to spend money they don't have on stuff they don't need. one of my daughters (adopted from ukraine in 2009) loudly announced to her younger brother today, "no Noah, next year black friday will be on saturday or sunday". we're working with her to state the truth rather than making up stuff when she doesn't know... :)

Martha said...

A definite "no-go" for me on the green bean casserole - had a tiny taste one time.

Was at Old Navy at midnight on Thursday/Friday. Lines were long but it wasn't too bad. Got some good deals but more than that, it was kind of fun. Did more shopping this morning (Friday) mid-day.

Debby said...

Yep..we like the green bean cassrole here....I love the crunchy onions best. We also make a yummy corn casserole & macoaroni & cheese from scratch...all staples on out T Day table 9which we are doing today...Sat).

Over Thanksgiving I either travel, or get together with my sister / mom / friends & shop the early morning Black Fri sales.

This year, I was in line at an insane time, but I saved $200 on a nice TV. Then went & bought the kids their big X mas gift, to go with it.

Chris said...

No green beans at our meal, just green beans w/ a TON of brown butter poured over top...(PA Dutch thing)
They are OK, but I like my G. beans w/ just a bit of salt....
Did my Black Friday shopping on line on Thurs nite at midnite! Free shipping- can't get no better!
I see Lucy is feeling a bit better...hope it stays that way

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