Saturday, October 2, 2010

friday night lights {homecoming}

Last night was the perfect night for a football game!
Cool, crisp and fall-ish in every way.

The inner-cheerleader in me quickly emerging. you can imagine, loves every minute.

Go Eagles!!

Nick and his friend.
She's a very sweet girl.
And that's all I'm going to say about that.
Boohoohoo, my baby boy.

Lucy and her very best bud, Micaiah.

My good friend Angela.
Sorry you weren't posing, Mike.
But it's a cute pic of Ang so...I had to post it.

Lucy was pretty excited that we let her step on the painted
lines on the field. Exciting stuff.

Pure cuteness.

Eddie Eagle with two adoring fans.

And let me just tell you that unless you've experienced
a game of any kind with Brenden,
you just haven't lived.

This kid is hands down the best fan any team could hope for.
And the loudest.
VERY much the loudest.

Is it too late for me to look into an all-boys school?

Fun, fun, fun!!

Oh and we beat the Muleskinners (that's right, Muleskinners)
by a ridiculous amount.

No pics of Macy because she did most of the photography!


Holly said...

Fun! I miss football games. And those pics of your boys and those ladies do not surprise me one little bit! might want to look into an all boys' school. (Love his shirt!)

connie said...

OMW, can you come to our game next Friday?!? We need some serious laughs to drown our sorrows - just not having the greatest season!

Chris said...

I think an all boys school sounds like a plan BUT I don't think it will settle him at all...
Do you really want to change him?

Serving the King said...

All boys school, LOL! You crack me up! Love Friday night lights!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Don't you just love high school football games in the crisp fall air? I enjoyed your pics.

Janet and gang

Karin said...

I pretty much would have been joining Brendan in fun! :) And way to go, Macy, for the great photography!

Jean said...

Looks like fun, fun, fun!! And yes, of course you should have looked into an all boys school for BOTH of your boys!!

From an one ex-cheerleader to another-
GOOOOOOO Eagles!! Wooo Hooo

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