Thursday, September 30, 2010

crazy sock night {and God's great ideas}

Lucy is an official "Cubbie" in Awana's on Wednesday day nights
and simply could not be more excited.
Week after week she memorizes and writes out
her Bible verses.
And is so stinkin' proud of it.
Me too.

Well...after I took Macy to youth group ONCE,
I realized how totally lost she was.
The youth pastor spoke way too fast, used words and terms
that completely flew over her head.
And though she didn't tell me any of this,
my spirit could discern it and I knew it wasn't going to work.

I decided to look into having her volunteer in Awana's.
She could be a help to the overly worked workers
learn about Jesus in a much slower-paced environment
on the spiritual level that she's on.

So far, so good.

I love it when God gives me great ideas.
Lord knows I have enough silly ones all on my own.

So last night was Crazy Sock night.
It was for the children and workers alike.
And Macy jumped right on that fun idea.

But first a quick pic of part of my crew and me as we
were heading out the door.
Kindly ignore the catch-all laundry room and filthy mirror in the background. Thank you.

And how precious are we?
Spittin' image of their mama, don't you think?

And finally, the socks revealed.
I'm not kidding you, they were the most darling
girls at church.
Hands down.
And do notice the certain someone on the stairs in between the girls.
He'll be happy you did.

God is good!


mom2-4boys said...

What great pictures!!! The girls look absolutely adorable in their sox. Love the outfits too!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

Our littles are in all in AWANA too- N is a cubbie and the other 3 are Sparks. We have started to send Heghine with the kids to help as well. She loves it and I too hope she is learning a lot about Jsus at the same time:)

Chris said...

They do look like their mama, something about the eyes :^)

Debby said...

Uhhhh...OF COURSE they are the cutest girls the pics. Especially the one of you with both girls......

Tesseraemum said...

We LOVE Awana!!!
Umm, love the socks! I totally wouldn't call them crazy though!! We would wear them any day!!
And, Yes, they do look just like thier mom!! Super Cute!!

Your stalker didn't wear crazy socks? When I was an awana helper we dressed up on special nights. Just sayin! Sheri

Sally-Girl! said...

HOw cute and what a grand idea to have Macy do Awana!!! You learn by teaching and it is less intimidating I am sure for Macy!!!

And way to go Lucy on scripture!!!

megadog said...

They look adorable. Macy is absolutely gorgeous and she could help me out with some style tips too!

Kathy said...

They definitely have their momma's smile!
Looks like they both are going to have a
fun time going to Awana.
Yes, God is So good!

Adeye said...

hahahahahaha.....SPLITTING image of their mother I tell you :) Who could possibly disagree with that.

They definitely inherited your stylish cuteness, friend.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Aaaaand I love their socks :p I need to come next time to show off MY lovely sock wardrobe ;)

Holly said...

I loved Awana. I wish our church had it. And yes you guys are absolutely precious, and I love the socks, and the kid on the stairs is cute too. : )

Karin said...

OF COURSE they were the cutest!!! What a fabulous idea! :) God is cool that way. I almost didn't notice Brenden because I was fixated on the photo just before the last one where you had that awesome verse on the wall and I want to know where you got it?!?!

Rachel said...

Your girls couldn't be cuter! :)

Madeleine said...

What a brilliant momma you are!! And Awana is the perfect place to start GOD's Beautiful Word!!

Macy is starting to look more comfortable at home each time you post. And the smile seems to be more natural, too :D

And yes, dear woman, you are precious. All of you.

Had you not mentioned the mirror & the laundry room, I would not have looked. LOL. But I did notice the Scripture on the back. One of my favorites. Specially through this tough time.

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