Tuesday, September 28, 2010

cell phone pics {my life revealed}

I truly think that the pics you have on your cell
phone are quite telling of your life

And as I look at the four most recent (out of about 200+)
on my phone...

I'm not exactly what sure my pics say about me.

You be the judge.

Here is Brenden at our most recent
trip to Home Depot.

Here is Lucy making one of the gazillion
faces she loves to make us laugh with.

Here is a pic I took driving down the road.
I was all alone and just had to capture the display
in the sky. It was fabulous.

And here I am at one of my many doctor's appointments
with Dr. Lucy.
You too could be queen while undergoing various
medical treatments in her clinic.
And yes, that is a slight look of terror on my face.
If you were wondering.

So there you have it.
A sampler of my cell phone pics.


What do YOUR pics reveal about your life??


Nancy said...

All mine are of my granddaughters. Like that was a no brainer, right?

Rachel said...

funny - I take those "beautiful sky while I'm by myself" shots all the time! :)

Jean said...

My pics say nothing about me because I don't even know how to use the camera on my phone! They do say a lot about the people that borrow/ steal my phone and take pics- in other words my children!

I'm gonna have to check them out!!

BTW what kind of DR is Lucy?? You do have a look of fear on your face!

Karin said...

I don't use my camera because no one in my family can figure out how to get the pics from photo to computer. Sigh....
Love yours, tho. :) Especially the one of Brendan on the toilet. hee!

Debby said...

Karin..if you can email from your phone, then you can "attach" your pics to emails to yourself. At least that's how I do it.

Most of my pics are also taken by the children or OF the children.....

I should do this exercise / blog report too. Fun...

Shonni said...

You are so fun!!! Thanks for the laugh today!!!

Holly said...

Well, what I have to say is, your phone takes my great pictures! That sky one is incredible! My cell pictures look like...dog doo doo. : )

Hezra said...

Just so you know, my brother just turned 30 and he has to sit on every toilet at IKEA. lol ahh, princess patient treatment, you know, Lucy may be on to something there. Making the patients feel like royalty would help me WANT to see the Dr.

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