Monday, October 4, 2010

dashing {show hope style}

I'm gonna shoot it to you straight.

We've got 37 Show HOPE t-shirts left to sell.

We really need to move these bad boys out of here!

So here is an inventory of what's left:

Small: 6
Medium: 10

Large: 16

Extra Large: 5

If you've already bought one, perhaps you would be so kind
as to leave a comment raving about how wonderful
it is!

And if you haven't...

maybe you are in the mood for Christmas shopping.
I'll bet there is someone on your list
who would love, love, love one.

Or maybe you need to treat yourself to one.
Really, you deserve it.

They are really great quality and fit wonderfully.
They maintain their size & shape after
many washings.

And best of all,
it helps our adoption AND the wonderful ministry of
Show HOPE!

So, please.

Buy one....or 37.

Would you?

I can pretty much guarantee that you and yours will look
every bit as dashing as we do.


Karin said...

They ARE really nice quality shirts! There is even a cool little tag on the sleeve that makes them seem just a notch above your average t-shirt. :)

Patty said...

I LOVE my Show Hope tee!! It will be great in the winter too with a long sleeve thermal underneath! Come on people--get your shirt now!! You'll help both Show Hope AND Lori!!

quilt-n-mama said...

I have a SHOW HOPE t-shirt and I love it! I second that it's great in the winter too over a long sleeve shirt!
Hope the rest of them go soon for you!

Aaron and Erica said... convinced me :) Just kidding, I've been wanting one I just keep forgetting to actually purchase it! I just used the button on your blog and paid the $25, but I forgot to enter what size I wanted. I need a Small. My email address is Please let me know if you need anything else. May God bless you in this new journey!!


PS I love your always have me laughing. I think you must be a really fun mom!

Madeleine said...

LOL. Alright, give me the specs. Are those small for children or adults??

And I know that is an adjective, so I went and pulled out my favorite book in the whole wide world. After the Bible. Which is one of my grammar books, and it is an adjective noun. :P

I have written my own grammar program for high schooler. I teach homeschool high schoolers who are weak in grammar and in a year I teach them things that are WONDEROUS!!! And they catch up & surpass.

I KNEW we were separated at birth!!! Okay, so you are not hispanic and were probably born in this country, and are a tad younger then me, and are annoyingly skinny.

But twins separated at birth I tell you!!!

o you know how HARD it is to find someone who loves grammar??!!??!

RJMS said...

Absolutely wonderfully, sincere, darling t-shirts! I'm in the process of adopting a little one from China right now and feel blessed to have the opportunity to contribute!

Kathy said...

Hi Lori-can you tell me how much it would be to post it to Hong Kong?? I'd love one but I want to make sure I give you enough money!

Nicole A. said...

Me too! I want to contribute! Can you remind me if the shirts are fitted or regular adult sizes, please?

Nicole A. in LA (no longer in OH, but still feeling the effects of our big move!)

Cari said...

I just made my purchase! I might give it away as a gift, but then again maybe I won't. :) Hope you sell them all this week.

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