Wednesday, October 6, 2010

show hope tees

Hey, thanks to all of you who have ordered

I'm so grateful!

And to answer a couple often-asked questions,

the shirts are adult sizes only
run pretty true-to-size.

They are not exactly fitted (tight) but for sure not big and boxy either.
Nicely in between.


And if you are paying attention,
yes, it is in fact almost 3 AM as I post this.

Lucy woke up.
Got in bed with us.
Went back to sleep.
But I didn't.
So here I am.

Your deepest sympathy is greatly appreciated.
Especially around 2:00 this afternoon
when I'm downing my 32nd cup of coffee.

But right now I'm desperately fighting the urge to want to run
my vacuum sweeper to make use of this idle time.

But I'll refrain.


Madeleine said...

Whoa!! Elly woke up screaming like a nightmare in the making at 3am, and as I stumbled into her room, she stopped and said, in the sweetest voice...I'm thirsty momma.

You should have called me and we could have solved all the world's problems. :P I, too, was up long after she went RIGHT BAKC TO SLEEP.

Karin said...

Urgh!! That is maddening to say the least. I hope you are able to get through the day without feeling horrible. Praying for you!!!

JR said...

Hi Lori! I guess I didn't see your post yesterday but the Lord gave me a GREAT idea recently. I've been praying about making donations to different adoptions on the blogs that we prayed/fasted for recently. Then the Lord impressed on my heart that I could begin Christmas shopping by buying candles, jewelry, t-shirts, etc through the different blogs that are fundraising. Sooo I'm going to order three shirts (one for me, one for my daughter and one for my daughter-in-law). I just got their sizes this morning so I'm placing my order today.

Apparently you're way smarter than me because you already figured out the Christmas shopping idea (smile!). I'm so stinkin excited to do this and I'm honored to be able to help bring some little precious treasures home. YEAH GOD!!

♥ to you from me in Durango!!

Kim said...

I promise I would have bought some tees from you EXCEPT that I just received our order form today. I'm brainstorming as to just how I plan to sell ours!!!! They are really good looking tshirts! Thank you again for your advice- we are well on our way into our adoption! Love, Kim

Jean said...

Don't know how you do it! I'd have to live alone if I were up and out of bed at that time of night- I would be unbearable to be around!!

So glad the shirt sale is going well!!

Jamie said...

LOL-I feel ya, I always get the urge to vacuum when my 1 yo is taking her nap. She "helps" me when she's awake ;)

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