Thursday, October 7, 2010

a remarkable treasure

Last night when we got home from Awana,
Lucy ran into the kitchen with a new friend in-hand.

Turns out her hero/daddy found this dirty little varmint (a mouse)
in the garage, caught it in a QT cup and
handed it to Lucy, very much to her delight.

Unlike the other females in the house,
Lucy was not only far from freaked out but
squealed with unbelievable excitement

that she would be given such a remarkable treasure.

She got ready for bed,
then made sure that her friend had an apple to
munch on for a bedtime snack.

Thankfully she hasn't asked about her fury friend this morning
because ummm, he isn't here anymore.

Don't worry, Lucy.
There's more where that one came from.



Rachel said...
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JR said...

Too funny!! That Lucy really cracks me up!! AND she is cute as a button!! I love seeing pics of your sweet treasures! (um, the mouse.....yeah, not so much!)

Rachel said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

quilt-n-mama said...

You go Lucy!!!! Eeekkk, I'd be with your mama though, the mouse would not be in my house:) Your daddy is much braver than the daddy in our house too... the poor mouse would have lost his life quickly and for sure daddy would not have gotten close enough to actually catch the thing!!!
Hope you are all doing great!

Patty said...

Oh my word, that is so funny.......especially since I *just* had a battle with a teeny little mouse here in our house--the kitty apparantly brought him in. I'm pretty sure I recreated a scene from I Love Lucy as I finally captured it and ran from the house screaming. It was lovely.

megadog said...

Gagging right now! Yuck, yuck, yuck. She is one brave little girl. I just get the chills thinking about it.

Debby said...

OK...I finally found a difference in our girls....I don't THINK Jami would go near a mouse willingly.....although she has been wearing a very cute MINNIE MOUSE costume around lately, getting ready for Halloween.....HMMMMMMM....maybe she doesn't have the mouse aversion I think she does......

Jean said...

lovin the no bangs look on Lucy! Her face is too cute to cover up!!

And as far as her friend! I am sure it has many brothers and sisters that would love to munch on an apple!!

You are a good Mom! I woulda screamed!

I need to know more about awana??

Holly said...

LOL!! That is priceless! Yeah, we had a "pet" mouse one time too. We kept him in a little plastic container, and he ended up chewing a hole in it and promptly dying. It seems that plastic is not so great for a mousie's diet...

Karin said...

Hee!!! I am proud of you for letting her bring it in the house. :) I'm tellin' ya, girl, she and SaraGrace are cut from the same cloth.

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