Friday, October 8, 2010

friday is here

Well Happy Friday, my sweet friends!

Personally, I really like Mondays.
So weird, I know.

But Fridays are pretty cool too.

Not much to say to ya'll at the moment.

I'm a little (hugely) frustrated because our dossier is
STILL at the consulate.
It's been well over a week now.

I just want that darn thing out of this country.

as I'm sitting here I'm realizing just how deeply I should
be coloring my hair right now.
My roots are ridiculous.


And not doing it
-- letting nature take its course--
is SO not an option for me,
so don't make that suggestion to me.

I don't even joke about things like that.

God didn't give us lovely hues and hydrogen peroxide for nothing, you know.

Well, I'm at the end of my cup of tea so that means
I simply must go get in the shower
to start my day.

Oh and I'm craving me a new Beth Moore study to do on my own.

I'm thinking Esther.

Your thoughts?


Lori said...

Just to stay ahead of you, no, I don't use hydrogen peroxide on my hair. And I would advise that you don't either. It just made for a good sentence.

Just flow it, people.

Love you all!

Laurie said...

Lori, you will love Esther. I did it when it first came out and would do it again. I highly recommend it. Covenant study from Kay Arthur is a good one as well if you haven't done that one. Just a suggestion from a different author.
Have fun deciding! Be blessed.

Serving the King said...

Esther is great! Patriarchs that she came out with a few years ago was also one of my favs! And seriously..Lucy and the mouse? Oh. My. Goodness. We have lizards and tree frogs that continually try and make their way into our house around here and that alone is about to drive me crazy! So far the results are Lizards:1 Frogs:0. I guess who needs cats when we have our kiddos to catch all of these creatures!

Shonni said...

Hard to believe, but I have never done a bm study...want to do it together?

Angie said...

One group of gals at our church is doing the Esther study right now and they love it! We just finished Living Beyond Yourself...all to do with the fruit of the study I've ever done!!!

Karin said...

I want to do Esther SOOOO bad! Our church is doing it but on a night I couldn't attend. I am doing Faithful Abundant and True--a combined study with Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer (Tony Evans' daughter) and Beth Moore. So far, I love it. :)

You're cracking me up with the hair thing. And I DID use hydrogen peroxide on my hair one time. Results were quite lovely. Not.

Madeleine said...

OH! I was thinking of doing a Beth Bible study too!! I did A Woman's Heart not too long ago. Amazing!

And hey, I always said I would grow old gracefully.

I was a fool.

And now I can tell you, I will color when the time comes. Because I realized I am not as graceful about somethings as I thought i was. :P


Sally-Girl! said...

I will do Esther with you and Shonni if you want. I have never done on online only in small groups. Just let me know!

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