Thursday, February 11, 2010

baking mishaps

The girls and I made Valentine cookies tonight
and Lucy is the only one who let me take
pics of her.


Between you and me, the camera-shy thing is wearing thin
on me. For golly's sake the girl's gotta learn
that in a family....we take lots of pictures!

I'm not sure if there is an issue over her not wanting me
to post them on my blog or not....
if so, I guess it will come to me having to promise her that I won't post
them anymore.

I told her recently that she is going to have to let me
take some though because our post-placement
report is due soon and they require a certain amount of pics.

here is Lucy....
with her cookie that she spent, what seemed like hours,
frosting. Only to drop it on the floor (icing side down, of course),
she retrieved it, continued her task and then broke
it in half.
And then announced that that one was for Brenden.


No baking mishaps will wipe the smile off this
sweetie girl!!

Here is Nick
(who never minds a good photo of him being shown to the world)
at his basketball game the other night.

Not much else to report to ya'll.

I'm not sure how I can be so crazy-busy every
second of the day,
but not having anything to say.

I must be coming down with something.


Karin said...

Heehee that is so funny about Lucy dropping her cookie on the floor and then saying that it's for Brenden. bahahahahaha... That's what sisters are for, right? At least she didn't drop a booger in it. Not that I would know anything about THAT.

By the is the hair now that you've had a few days to get used to it.

Tracy said...

I dont know if I have said this before, but our little boy is five yrs. old and he was adopted when he was three. He still has issues to this day about having photos taken of him, especially if it is in front of other people. This year for Christmas cards I had to take a picture of our girls together and then add a picture my husband and I with our son because he was so upset about taking a Christmas pic. To the point that his cheeks get bright red and he will act out with anger. Its not worth the fight to me, and I worry about him getting so upset. I have wondered if he reacts this way because they took lots of pics of him with his foster family before he came to us and I thought maybe the pics give him an insecure feeling. I dont know, just guessing.

Jean said...

Way to get some air, Nick!!

Did Brenden eat it? I love Lucy's problem solving techniques!

Pictures- Hmmm, ya can't promise not to post them because then you'd be lyin- we need Macy pics! Tell Macy her fans are demanding more pics of her!!

Adeye said...

Oh wow, that is such a wonderful basketball pic.

Sweet little Lucy--I guess she makes up for the camera-shy one :)

Hope you're feeling better after your grumpy day, my friend. Yep--we ALLLLLLL have those :)

Madeleine said...

That was his because she WORKED so hard on it! Never mind what it looks like, it's all about the love that went into it. And that sure is precious. I can see the love. :)

GREAT SHOT picture!!

I am trying to feel sorry for you with basketball season. But see, my oldest played ice hockey FOR 8 YEARS!!!! Now that schedule is a nightmare. 6am practices & games, plus night practices, season lasting from Sept to April, being permanently cold because after all it is ice. lol. And let's not forget that sometime we had to go to the next state to play a game, where the piuck drops at 6am to start the game, so we had to be there 45 minutes before that, which means we were up at 3am sometimes.

I think I must have been 7 kinds of stupid.

Does that make you feel better? lol

No? I don't blame you. When Samuel asked to play hockey, I signed him up for tennis.

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