Monday, February 9, 2009

"Yes, I'd Love to!"

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments yesterday! We are so excited about Shu Li!! We keep getting bits and pieces of info from our agency about her. We got her complete file yesterday in the mail & I thought I would include a little bit of it...

Shu Li's attitude towards being adopted by foreigners:

Many of her friends have been adopted, and most of them would visit the institute again with their new parents, which arouses admiration in her. She would ask her teachers questions about being adopted and wonders whether she would be adopted one day. When she was asked by her teacher seriously, "are you willing to be adopted?" one day, she gave a very affirmative answer, "Yes, I'd love to."

**sniff, sniff** I would get on a plane tomorrow with nothing more than the clothes on my back (and my flat iron) if I could.

Here are a few name possibilities...tell me what you think! And let me know if you have other name ideas!

Katie Shu Li (if she wants to keep Katie)
Elizabeth Shu Li *or* Shu Li Elizabeth
Shu Li Grace (I don't know if that flows)
Carly Shu Li (not sure if I like how that sounds but I like the name Carly)
Sally Shu Li (Yes Sally! I love your name!! But, not sure if I like it w/ Shu Li)

Unrelated, we are in the final week of basketball for Nick & Brenden's ends next week I think...not including their state tournaments. Anyway, they both had games tonight hours away from each other so we had no choice but to split up. Golly, I just hate missing games!!! I went to Nick's since it was closest to home & it allowed me to get Lucy home at a decent time (and so that I could catch up on my blogging).

After B's games he sent me a text and it went as follows (pardon his colorful language):

B..."Mom, did you hear about my block?

Me...."Dad told me a little but you will have to tell me all about it!!"


Me...thinking he will tell me when he gets home.

B...."OK! this kid was on a fast break and was well ahead of me but! I ran his butt down and stuffed the CRAP out of him!! He was still holding the ball, about to release it but I got all of it and slammed the ball into the wall and he strongly followed suit!!!! It was amazing, I yelled "GET IT OUT!" as loud as I possibly could! lol (followed by 1 Cor 13:4 that is at the end of each of his texts, which with this particular text, I find humorous).

Me...."Woo Hoo!!! Darn, I wish I had seen it!!!"

B...."Yeah, it was the moment of the game for me =) lol and when I say I ran him down, I mean I RAN HIM DOWN! I have neve ran so fast in a game =)

Oh man, I love my boys!! They are so talented & keep me in stitches ALL THE TIME!!!

Hey, now hop over to my friend Patty's blog for a great laugh!! She had a hilarious encounter with the UPS man.....


Anonymous said...

I'm partial to Elizabeth because I've got one myself, but of your list so far my two cents would be for Shu Li Grace. After all, it is the grace of the Almighty God that is bringing her into your arms. :)
Plus, I like that it's simple and not a mouthful.

JR said...

"Yes, I'd love to!" Oh my, what a precious response from this sweet little girl. I can't wait to see pictures of her.

I can't decide on the name. Well, I've narrowed it down to three: Katie Shu Li, Elizabeth Shu Li and Shu Li Grace. Not sure if that helps......

Blessings on you and your wonderful family today!!

Tracey and Chuck said...

I really like Elizabeth but I love Grace too!!! I think you have to wait to see her beatuiful little face in person before you can put a name to her!
Praying that everything goes quickly for you all and can't wait to see pictures of her.

Sherry said...

If it were me, I'd wait to ask her, because she's a teenager and we all know they can be very opinionated!! Anyway, first I would pick Shu Li Grace, but She may like Katie Shu Li. Picking names is dificult, atleast for me.

Patty said...

Oh I'm so jealous! You got the complete file?!!! We don't have that yet, maybe its on its way. I'm resigning to the fact we may have to keep Ellen as her name.......but hopefully can work up to Ellie, even if Ellen is officially on her paperwork.

I do like Shu Li Grace! I think it flows just fine!

Nancy said...

I think Shu Li Elizabeth...but of course, my daughter's name is Elizabeth. Have you considered Sue Lee? Don't you love the way these teens can text!?!?!

Lisa said...

I like the name Elizabeth Shu Li the best. Though you may want to wait and ask her and make her help with the decision. Being she is a teenager it may truly matter to her.

I am so happy that you are getting updates on her. She is going to be one lucky young lady becoming a part of your family.

God Bless your family!

Lacy said...

I love Katie Shu Li. Of course, I am partial to Katie since I have a sweet little Katie.

When we adopted our oldest daughter at 5 she wanted to change her name. It was very hard. She was so used to being called Leanne that even when we tried calling her the names she suggested, she would not respond to us. The poor girl was so confused. We choose to just change her middle name to give it some family meaning.

I think waiting until you meet her is a great idea. She may already be used to and like Katie or Shu Li.

Sally- That Girl! said...

I have NEVER liked my name even when my sister named one of her twins after me 18 years ago! But older names are coming back. Ten years ago you would have never heard of a child being named Lucy and now it is considered cute! My grandma was Edna, I loved her with all my heart but can't imagine naming a child after her so that is how I got Bryson's name as it is her last name.

My vote is ask her!!

jan said...

i agree with the other advice of asking her.....

i love the name carly. the only carly i know is 16 and one of the most Godly girls i know....and the best pianist you'll ever meet.

but growing up, i always said i would name my girls 'sally and lucy' (so how did i end up with a sarah and phoebe :)

xoxoxo, can't wait to see/meet her. jan :)

Carol said...

I am partial to Katie Shu Li since that is how she knows herself. She goes by Katie at the orphanage and Shu Li is her real name. Being older, I think she will need this anchor. Her whole world is about to change. Her country, her dwelling, her friends, her language and her clothing. To name a few things! She will have an entirely new family. I think her name should remain the same!
Love, Mom

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