Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's in a Name?

This week's memory verse!

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

A year ago at this time we were waiting on our LOA (SCL) for Lucy. And looking back, I can clearly see that our 63 day wait was not long at all compared to how long some are waiting now. And actually, even a year ago there were families who waited way longer than we did...and I have no idea why. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Anyway, short as our wait really seemed to take FOREVER!!!! And the other thing we waited and waited for (and never got) were updates on Lucy. I was sooooo disappointed when we never received new pictures or updated measurements of her. I kid you not, I got on that plane to China wondering if there really was a sweet little girl waiting for us because for some reason, not having our 3 different requests for updates granted, it just didn't seem real. But I figured they wouldn't let us go if she didn't really exist!! :)

Well this time is so different! I am so very thankful that we have a direct contact to where Shu Li is. As I've mentioned before, Michael Melsi is an amazing guy who volunteers at the Luoyang SWI. He took pictures of Shu Li for us and we look at them constantly!! She is so beautiful!! He also sent an email this morning giving us some suggestions for our care package and what we should (and shouldn't) write in our letter to her.

As I probably have already mentioned, Shu Li also has the English name Katie (at least that's what she uses at school). I've been in a delimma because I just haven't been able to bring myself to call her Katie. To me, she is Shu Li (pronounced Shoe Lee). I have prayed & prayed about her name &'s Shu Li w/ the possibility of Elizabeth or Grace as her first or middle name (actually there are a few other names I like also).

I can't remember if I previously wrote about Shu Li's background but she has only been at the orphanage for about two years. Her parents died when she was very young & she was being raised by her uncle. Apparently they were extremely poor and he couldn't afford to care for her anymore so he gave her over to the orphanage. **SO VERY SAD** Anyway, that's why it's important to me that we keep her name given name. I want her to maintain her identity and I want to honor her deceased parents by keeping the name they gave her.

Today I played with the timeline numbers a bit. Realistically, if things are slightly expidited it looks like we won't travel until around August. HOWEVER, as I run the numbers as if things are greatly expedited, we could be there in June, which is what I really, really want.

Please pray:

1. That immigration will understand the urgency of our situation and will have the compassion to get our application approved quickly.

2. That all the documents that I'm waiting on (birth certificates, marriage certificate, criminal checks) for our dossier will come back quickly.

3. That Shu Li will have peace in her heart that we are coming for her. And once she receives our care package...that she will love everything and not be completely frightened by her new family!

Thanks guys, you ROCK!!

My sweet little helper


LA said...

I can't wait to "meet" her via blogland. And of course, hopefully in person as well! Praying for you my sweet friend.

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for the short verse this week. Hopefully, this old brain of mine can memorize it.

Holly said...

Oh, it's so exciting!!! I hope you go in August, because there's a better chance that that is when we will be going! (No, I have no word about anything yet. It's just a guess.) I can't wait to hear more news about your Shu Lie. Do you know if she is excited about being adopted?

Brittne said...

Can Lucy come over and organize my tupperware for me too??

Chris said...

Is there a photo somewhere of her or aren't you allowed to post it yet.
I can't fathom the decisions that adults have to make for children.
If the paperwork is in progress before her birthday can she still be adopted??
Lucy and Faith could work together and do my cupboards too.


Mom To Six said...

Oh Lori, I know how difficult that waiting is. My prayers are with you.



Sherry said...

Lori, is it possible that Michael could have a conversation with Shu Li about her name? That would help you a great deal on the decision, if it were me. Good luck with everything. I can't wait to see her picture.

Sally- That Girl! said...

My vote is that you find out what she wants to be called too. You could have your friend ask her now or you could wait and make a little fun ceremony over it when you get her. A little naming ceremony as she becomes your daughter.

I would think that Katie Shu Lie would be a natural transition for her since she is familiar with both.

Nicole A. said...

I am so excited for you all and can't wait until you are allowed to post pictures!

I don't know about the naming thing; but I do agree that maybe your contact over there could ask her what she would like to be called when she comes home.

If you have to put her name on something before that, you could always use something like "Katherine Grace Shu Li (last name)" or "Katherine Elizabeth Shu Li (last name)" so you would have all the bases covered, and she could choose to be called whichever she would like.

Have a great week!
All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

I'm so excited about Shu Li, Lori! Maybe I can meet her next time we come to Kansas! And I think she'd like the middle name Elizabeth. That's my middle name and I like it quite a bit. But grace would be fantastic too, I think. I love that name. Anyways, I love you guys and am praying!

Doug and Terrye said...

Am stopping to pray that God will prepare her little heart for her new family :)

Terrye in FL

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