Saturday, February 7, 2009

Important Updates

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I talked with the person who donated the iPod Touch and she requested that we extend our fundraiser one week & do the drawing on Valentine's Day. So in an effort to try to raise as much money as we can for The Morning Star Project, that is what we will do. So, any of you who haven't added your donation, please do so now so you won't miss out!! No more extensions after this!!! Next Saturday, Feb. 14 WILL BE THE DRAWING!!!

Well, stupid me...I extended the fundraiser for The Morning Star Project but forgot to change the ChipIn end-date. SO....since I can't figure out how to re-start the old one, I made a new one...I don't want anyone to get left out!!! (The old ChipIn won't work...but I left it there so you could see the total).

Remember....This is for the drawing for the 3 great prizes!! Only $10 per entry.....Do it today!! The fundraiser WILL officially end on Thursday, Feb. 13 at midnight!! I will do the drawing Saturday morning, Feb. 14!!


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