Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Prayed Over My Spaghetti Sauce

Yesterday I set out this big pork loin to have for dinner. Well low & behold, it turns out that pulling a 3.88 lb chunk of meat out of the freezer at 1:00 in the afternoon just won't thaw by 4:00. Who knew? Frantic, I needed a replacement quick.

So naturally the next thing I did was check my email. My good friend Paula emailed me about NOT getting her TA yet. Anyway, so after that I went back to the deep freeze to see what I could conjour up for a delicious dinner. All I could come up with that would thaw in a short time was meatballs....mmmm, meatball sandwiches!

But before I went forward with dinner I made myself some coffee, of course. Not just plain coffee...I was feeling the need for a little cup o' crazy. So I added some hot chocolate mix to it and whip...oops, no whipped cream so I added...yes, that 's right. A scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh yes I did.

Back to dinner. Focus Lori. I got my meatballs in the pan, ready to add sauce. Rats! No jarred sauce. But wait! There's an open jar in the refrigerator...almost full! But how long has it been in there?? I opened it to examine fuzz, it smells fine...hmmm...what to do? (how I hate life's tough decisions)....a quick prayer of protection over it & in the pan it went.

My man crew arrived home from their various locations as I was fixing my much planned-out meal. As I was puttering about I mentioned to Kel that I really needed about an hour alone in the bedroom. To which his eyebrow raised & the look on his face clearly showed his thoughts **by I, do you mean we?** Sorry honey...I was thinking that I need a good 30 minutes to put our laundry away (yes, it is piled high again...argh!) and then another 30 minutes soaking in a hot bubble bath.

So put away & soak I did! But not alone....with the help of little Lucy. Which was fine know, a little time alone would have been least in the bathtub.

Ok....that was the most lame post ever.


Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten? There is no such thing as time alone when you have a wee one. :)

Hezra said...

Ha ha. . . Not a lame post at all. I love the eyebrow from husband look. I have to translate myself that way too. NO REALLY ALONE! BY MYSELF! I have a 2,3 and 5 yold (andthe 7,9 nd 11-- but it's the littles that barge in) So I understand. I once ran a bubble bath, and went for towel and pjs. When I got back there were three children IN MY BATH! They had barbies and rescue heroes and three kids in there. They beat me to it. lol

Chris said...

Not lame, at least I know I'm normal (or we're both lame). If I tried the bubble bath thing I'm sure I'd get "help" either the husband kind or 2 little girl kind.
Did you ever notice you are the only one who does not get the bathroom to herself? As soon as I lock the door someone has an emergency.

Lisa said...

Alone time for a mom is not English to anyone here. I can not even seem to walk into my bedroom/bathroom with followers or yelling from the hallway.

This seems to be the norm for most moms.

Chad and Kristy said...

Is there a Wendy's where you live?? The best thing to put in your coffee is a scoop of vanilla frosty from Wendy's! If you have one clsoe by you need to try it sometimes. I buy them and take them home and freeze them just to put in my coffee. It melts and turns in to this frothy yumminess on top of the coffee! Oh its so good! Too bad I already had my caffine for the day:(

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

lol, you are so funny. Ice cream in coffee? That's brilliant. Why haven't I thought about that? Sounds utterly delicious. Haha, indeed, are you truly capable of posting anything lame? ;)

Holly said...

So funny, and not lame whatsoever. Oh, yes, the frozen meat-now what can I make-situation happens to me too often. And the jar of spaghetti sauce in the fridge-how long has that been in there-question. I love your posts because they help me to see that others have the same problems I have!! I don't normally let the kids IN the bathroom, but what I get are the endless knocks on the door, and the, "Mom? Mom? Mom, are you in there?" lol

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