Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Lucy's Big Girl!

I'd like to take yesterday's post a bit further. I seemed to have struck a common nerve with many of you....forgetting what it's like to use the potty alone. **sigh**

Just when I was discovering what the inside of my bathroom looked like without children standing and staring at me, Lucy enters the scene. Well, least this time I have a nosey little GIRL. I'm tellin' you what...when my boys were little, they could be outside, deep in the woods of our ten acres, up a tree and widdeling their latest weapon....if I stepped into the bathroom, that was their cue to race back in the house and join me. **sigh again** I made great efforts to be very modest once they were old enough to figure out our "differences," which is very difficult as many of you know. Trying to keep everything covered AND go about business turns the everyday housewife into a talented magician. I guess I managed just fine....they seem normal at this point.

So now, at least I don't have to be so careful....but I will say this, Lucy won't need much of a "talk" about "ladies' things" because she's pretty much learning on the job. And yesterday as we were sharing a way too frequent moment in the bathroom together we had the following conversation: (I swear to you, this is exactly what was said!!!!)

Me.....whistle, whistle (you know)

Lucy....."Mama, did you go potty on the toilet?" (I wish I could somehow write her accent & pronunciation into this!!)

Me....."Yes, Lucy"

Lucy......."Good job Mama!!!! You are my big girl!!!"

Me......"Thank you honey"

****Sigh, sigh, sigh***** Many thoughts going through my mind such as: Lucy, if you know all of that, why don't YOU go potty on the toilet??? And I can't remember the last time I was called a big girl......what exactly did she mean by BIG?


Jaime said...

precious little thing. so cute!
look slike she's quite the encourager!

Chris said...

Don't think too deeply about this, just take the compliment.

Hezra said...

hee hee, I got the same comment from MY little girl last year. IN a public restroom. OH YAY Mommy, you a big girl! and there were snickers and giggles on all sides. Then she said, you need me wipe? To which I quickly said, um, mommy can do that-- I AM a big girl!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Lucy. Is. So. Cute. That is all I have to say. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just give her a little bit & things will get even more interesting. Just the other day, while watching a lovely, way too informative tampon commercial - my 6 year old asked, "Where exactly does that go?"

T in KY

Kathy said...

That is soooo.... funny!! You crack me up! I totally relate after my 3 boys got older finally privacy.
Then along came Jaden and from the moment
we were together in China until now she thinks
mommy needs a bathroom buddy!

Tiffany said...

Too funny! My Madi (2 1/2) tells me EVERY time we're in the bathroom, public or otherwise, "Good girl mommy. You make potty. You get candy." Not so good for the hips!

Debby said...

LOL..when does it end? My 3 yr old still follows me into the potty, just like a shadow. She always wants to know if I have to poop or pee?

Funny blog today. & so relatable....

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