Tuesday, May 3, 2016

fun weekend...BIG SECRET!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Side note real quick, I just now saw that the link to my business FB page on my last post was
wrong, my apologies!  It's correct now...and here it is again, in case you
want to go LIKE it!  That'd be great.

We had such a fun weekend!
My sisters, niece, and mom got together for a girls' day.
We cut hair, ate good food, and just thoroughly enjoyed each other to pieces!

And the Littles and I enjoyed a thrilling shopping spree at Menard's with Kman!

I'm up to my eyebrows in baking again this week.
And I'll let you in on a little tiny secret...because I have a hard time keeping
anything quiet. 
I am CONSIDERING and researching the idea of opening a cafe/bakery.
A real live storefront!  Little me, doing that!

I can't wait!

Alrighty, gotta run for now...much to do!

Peace and blessings, friends!

1 comment:

LedaP said...

Whoah that's AWESOME!!

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