Friday, May 6, 2016

Cell Phone Pics of My Moderately Exciting Life

 HEY, friends!
Happy Friday to ya!

It's super sunny and delicious here in Kansas, which is nice, and always 
puts me in an extra happy mood.

I was scrolling through my 2,133 cell phone pics and thought
I'd just share some with you, since my life is soooo moderately exciting!

Here we have Lucy driving.  Yes, she's only 10 years old, I realize.
But, when we were driving down the long driveway of our neighbors' house,
I couldn't resist scooting over when she said she wished she 
could drive.  She was shocked! 

This is one of my hens.  She has a limp and was being picked on pretty severely
by the others.  Girls are mean!  So, we separated her out, and she 
found her way to my kitchen window flower box.
And the rest is history.
This is her new spot where she sleeps every night.
It makes me so happy!
And she needs a name.  I'm thinking Phyllis.  Your thoughts?

This is us while K-Man shopped for light bulbs.
I think the expressions speak for themselves.
We love him anyway.

Did I already show you this?
Not sure.
But, I made this cake for a big party at the restaurant where I waitress occasionally.

 It is my personal policy never to reveal that I am the baker of the specialty cakes,
but when they point blank asked me WHO made it (because they LOVED IT!),
I told them.  They all applauded.  It was fun!  Then I took a selfie.

This is Isaiah at a spelling bee.
He made it to the third round, but lost with the word GRINNED.
Which everyone thought was hilarious because he is ALWAYS SMILING.

This is my recent grocery cart at Sam's.
I'm going again today and I do think a flatbed is in order.

And lastly, this is my latest picture of Lucy and Macy.
This is no illusion, folks...Lucy is outgrowing her QUICKLY!!

And that's it!
I hope you all have the best weekend and Mother's Day ever!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I loved seeing the pics of your recent trip to
Wa. state. I live across the columbia river from
Portland ,Or.....
So fun to see how much the children have grown.
I love chickens and I so hope a wild animal won't
catch Phillis and eat her in the night?
I am a sap for creatures that are "picked on" because
I know it isn't fun!
Thank you for trying to protect her.
Blessings to you for all the work you do and to your family,

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