Friday, January 9, 2015

Baked Potato Soup

 If you must know, my frustrations regarding all things internet and computer, and the like,
are running deep.  Real deep.
All I can say is, the cyber and technology world is dead to  me.
That's all.

But, I press on.
 For my people, I press on, and promise not to be distracted by pesky things like,
new blog headers, new photo editing, and new ANYTHING.

What I DO have for you is this.
A lovely and delicious Baked Potato Soup recipe!

No, you won't find a printable format...because, that seems impossible in my little world.
But if you'd like to copy & paste it to an email or document, 
I'll betcha you can beat this apparent curse I have with such things!

My apologies for not having a detailed photo gallery of the making of this soup.
I have no time for such details!


18-20 potatoes
4-6 (or more!) strips of bacon
2 tablespoons butter
1 small onion, diced
2 stalks of celery, diced
3 carrots, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup flour
32 oz. chicken stock
2 cups milk and/or cream
salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper, to taste
shredded cheddar cheese

The first thing I did, early in the day, was bake about 20 potatoes.
Now, this recipe makes about 12 hearty servings of soup, so if you don't need that much,
you know the drill, cut it in half.
 375 degrees for about 1 hour, 15 minutes.

The advantage of baking the potatoes are many.
1. You can do it in advance.
2.  You can save a potato or two, or however many, for other uses.
(Potato salad, twice baked potatoes, fried potatoes, let your imagination run wild.)
3. They're so super easy to peel vs. raw potatoes!
And how we do love easy.

Once your potatoes are baked and cooled,
in a large heavy bottom pot, fry 4-6 (or 12) strips of bacon.  Crispy-crisp!
Remove bacon, and set aside...but keep the grease in the pot!
Add a couple tablespoons of butter.
Butter is love.
So is bacon grease.

Dice a small onion, two stalks of celery, three carrots, and two cloves of garlic.
Throw it all into your medium-hot pot.
Throw in some salt, pepper, and a dash or two of cayenne pepper. 
Let that mixture of deliciousness saute for about ten minutes.
Then add 1/4 cup flour, mix and cook for a few minutes.
Add 32 oz. of good chicken stalk.  
Stir and bring to a slight boil.

While that's happening,
get yourself busy roughly cutting up those (peeled) potatoes!
Then add them to the pot, BUT RESERVE THREE diced potatoes.
I'll tell you why soon.

Heat all of that thoroughly, then take a hand blender and blend it all smooth!
(Or CAREFULLY pour into a regular blender.)
Or I suppose you could just mash it all up with a potato masher.
Add the remaining diced potato.
See, this gives you both a smooth potato texture, AND some potato chunks.
It's the best of both worlds.

Lastly, add in approximately two cups of half & half.
Or all milk.  Or all cream.
Whatever suits your fancy.

Keep stirring and warm all the way through.
Give it a taste and adjust the salt/pepper accordingly.

Top with cheddar cheese, bacon crumbles, and chives.
Serve with a warm crusty banquette.
And live happily ever after. 


OH, and adding some croutons on top...OUTSTANDING.

Make a big batch this weekend and eat the leftovers for lunch next week!




Heather said...

Looks yummy!!

Janet said...

Looks YUMMY! I will try it, but it may be a while...busy busy busy!
I haven't checked in on you for a while, seems blogging overall is slowing down since twitter, all that other techy stuff. I have the curse too, I refuse to do facebook, twitter, etc....not that I'd be able to figure it out. I tried to change my 2 yo blog picture last week, couldn't remember how or figure it out; oh well.

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