Monday, January 12, 2015

My Friend and Her Crazy Notions

Let this be a learning experience for all of us:

When you get all caught up in New Year's resolutions,
and eagerly buy stuff online, with pipe-dreams in tow, they take you seriously
and send you your order.
They don't chuckle and say, "Oh,'re going to keep your resolution...
sure you are..." then wad up your order and throw it in the trash.
They don't do that.
They go right ahead and send it to you.
Never mind the fact that by January 11th, you've all but long forgotten about it.
But, open your mailbox, and like a punch in the gut,
there it is.

That's what happened to a friend of mine.

I'll keep you posted on this...

1 comment:

Sally R said...

Don't love or buy into their shakes and things they try to sell you, but I do LOVE their 30 minute videos as that is all the time I have to give to workouts. The videos are awesome!!!

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